Friday, August 20, 2010

Associated Press to Staff: Don’t call it Ground Zero Mosque

It looks like the Associated Press is picking sides in the Ground Zero Mosque controversy. The Associated Press’s Standards Center issued a staff advisory on how to cover the Ground Zero Mosque. 
Here is some guidance on covering the NYC mosque story, with assists from Chad Roedemeier in the NYC bureau and Terry Hunt in Washington:
1. We should continue to avoid the phrase “ground zero mosque” or “mosque at ground zero” on all platforms. (We’ve very rarely used this wording, except in slugs, though we sometimes see other news sources using the term.) The site of the proposed Islamic center and mosque is not at ground zero, but two blocks away in a busy commercial area. We should continue to say it’s “near” ground zero, or two blocks away…
In short headlines, some ways to refer to the project include:
_ mosque 2 blocks from WTC site
_ Muslim (or Islamic) center near WTC site
_ mosque near ground zero
_ mosque near WTC site [MORE] 

Give me a break. If AP is worried about the connotations from the name  “Ground Zero Mosque”, then they are a day late and a dollar short, because the name "Ground Zero Mosque" is already part of the American lexicon. Luckily Sarah Palin is right there to correct AP’s foolishness. 
Sarah Palin via Twitter: Pelosi's investigation of Harry Reid&Howard Dean&others who oppose Ground Zero Mosque will be enlightening,we're sure.(Note to AP: GZM term) 
Via: The Hill


LL said...

Victory Mosque
(in honor of martyred hijackers)

I think the Victory Mosque is far more appropriate than the Mosque at Ground Zero. But then again, that's just me.

Anonymous said...

In Manhattan, 1 block is no more then 100 feet. A block between avenue is long, but street wise, it's quite close.

If you run google map, the distance from the proposed mosque site, 45 park place, is only 150 to 170 feet from emptied out WTC. [about 164 feet].

150 to 170 feet. It takes less then 1 minute for a New Yorker to walk twice that distance.

Please, AP, and liberals, stop insulting peoples IQ. It's matters like this that I realize the main stream media really is CRAZY. They follow a political agenda, and find all the possible ways to discredit those with a different point of view, even when it's such common sense issues.

Heck, with their logic, they can build RIGHT on ground zero and still claim it's more like "80+ floors below where the planes really hit, so it's not really ground zero, it's more like negative 80 mosque."

Did they [Obama, MSM, liberals on this matter, the likes] really lost their mind, or they expect people are too lazy and too brainwashed to differentiate common sense with pure madness?

2nd Anonymous

bd said...

right about AP, right about SP, also right about Gov C, and ref LL - perfect

as usual abc, well done and welcome selections and commentary

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

They can call the mosque whatever they like but it's still wrong to build it anywhere in the vicinity where Saudi and UAE nationals (in the name of Islam, I might add) killed thousands of Americans and people of other countries.

Steve In Tulsa said...

That is where debris fell. Body parts and human ashes slooded the area. There should be no victory mosque built on the bones of the dead.

I take anything from the Ass Press with several grains of salt. Glad to see others becoming more aware of the lying press.

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you expect from the collabo media? They always play with words to try and hide the truth.

We should boycott these newspapers and TV channels that continue their brainwashing work on us.

Nick Rowe said...

Let's find the homes of these pepole and put a nuclear power plant, halfway house, and a pig farm two blocks away.

Then we'll see how far away they think two blocks is.

We've heard about putting a gay bar for muslims right next door. How about a sausage factory on the other side?

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