Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Harry Reid goes racial again: "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican."

Harry, Harry, Harry, you sour puss cracker! Just cannot leave that race card alone for five minutes can you? After comparing opposition to ObamaCare to those who opposed the abolition of slavery and then making that Negro dialect comment about Obama, Harry Reid has decided he knows what is best for Hispanics. 
The Weekly Standard: While campaigning in Nevada Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told an audience of mostly Hispanic voters: "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?" Watch the video here: 

For starters, Harry Reid might want to try speaking with some Cuban Americans.  After experiencing extreme leftist policies first hand, many of them could write volumes about why they are Republicans.

Another person Harry Reid should talk to on the subject would be Hispanic Republican Brian Sandoval. Sandoval is currently beating the pants of Harry Reid’s son Rory Reid in Nevada’s gubernatorial race.

For a real eye opener, Harry Reid should talk to my friend Samuel Gonzalez author of The Last Tradition. In an email we shared this morning on this topic, Samuel had this to say: 
Harry Reid the Noble Racist 
As a Latino and strong Conservative, I won’t say I was personally offended by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s recent comments when he told Latinos on the campaign trail, "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?"
I’m not offended, but Hispanics in Navada and across the nation should be! 
They should  be offended because Reid is doing exactly what all Denocrats do to Latinos and Blacks come election time, crack the “mental plantation” whip that keeps Latinos in line.  
You see, according to Harry Reid’s mindset, Latinos are an inferior group that cannot achieve anything for themselves without the help of the government or the Democrat Party.  
You can call it the "racism of dependency and low expectations".  White Democrats get to practice this type of racism with impunity only because Latinos and Blacks let them get away with it.  
These types of comments by Reid and other Democrats will continue because they know it works with the target audience. 
So as a Latino who voted for Ronald Reagan, I ask my fellow Latinos and Blacks, how long will you continue to support a party that expects nothing from you except your votes to keep their party afloat?  A party that says to you through lies and deception that they are your only protectors and hide their true history of being the original enslavers of Black people.  
How long will you succumb to “group think” that perpetually ties you to one party from birth simply because of the color of your skin?  
Can you really call that freedom or is it slavery? 
I will let Harry Reid chew on that.

Via: Real Clear Politics


Liz said...

I don't understand how anyone who follows politics and wants to be free could vote Democrat. My husband and his two sisters were born and raised in Mexico Harry. That makes them Hispanic, and they only vote Republican. They are very Conservative and extremely informed unlike most Democrats.

rosewood59 said...

You should realize that not so many Americans follow politics, even less American understand and are aware of fundamental American constitutional principles.

Why?... are "they" lazy, both intellectually and personally? Maybe "they" do not believe they are going to be personally affected by American soverning law as it's being cast today. The list goes on, but Lazy is at the top.

These dis-affected people, white, black, hispanic, asian, etc, only set themselves up for more plundering by the very congressmen/representatives "they" refuse to hear and subsequently ignore.

Too Bad: "They" get just what they deserve, but they dilute the vote and the presence of US, the Americans who are learning, watching, and Hearing.

People should have to pass a basic I.Q. test to be allowed to vote!

Just a conservative girl said...

Marco Rubio's comeback was good. He was on Fox and Friends this morning. I put the video on my blog. I love him.

Chris said...

The Democratic Party acts like they own the blacks and Hispanics. And with lock and step they line up for their crumbs the Democrats give them. When will they see the actions of the Democratic Party as being of a superior mind set. The Democrats think all blacks and Hispanics want are handouts from the Democratic Party.

Clifton B said...


Just given the Democrats' performance over the last two years, I don't understand why anyone would want to vote Democrat?

Clifton B said...


The uninformed that you speak of is the product of the cynical thinking that goes "all politicians are the same, so why bother ...". This is the excuse why so many tune out of politics. The problem is that they can tune out of the process but they certainly cannot tune out from the effects.

Clifton B said...

Just A Conservative Girl:

I saw and should have added the Rubio clip and linked Cubachi

Clifton B said...


Minorities will wake up to the Democrats once they remove their racism blinders. Without that the steady diet of manufactured racism from the left will keep them blind to much if not all of the lefts shenanigans.

modern rat said...

I am a conservative, not a Republican, just like the moderator, but Michelle Malkin put it best; "Democrats think they own women and minorities."
PS--I work in a town that is about 30% Latino, almost all Mexican, the same as the town I live in. I'm sure people would be surprised how many of the people who fly the American flag on a daily basis are "Latino."

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