Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back to the Future, the Presidential Edition

I have said it many times before, Image Counts!  I just cannot believe how badly this administration handles optics.  During the campaign, they were so slick with optics and now it is Amateur Night at the Apollo.

Turning over a presser to a limelight loving ham like Bill Clinton is just plain foolish, but when that the limelight loving ham is VERY good at stealing the show, it becomes a first class brain dead maneuver.  I think the worst part of the episode had to be Obama’s excuse for leaving. He needed to attend Christmas Parties with Michelle, seriously?  It would have been far better to say something like; he had a meeting with Republicans, Ben Bernanke, a foreign dignitary or anything that sounded he was doing important work for the people.

Also did you notice how Bill Clinton did not even waste five seconds sending Obama on his way? It was almost like Obama was merely Clinton’s errand boy and not the POTUS.  I think this presser is going to be Obama’s Pet Goat moment.

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madmath1 said...

MY GOD!!! I woke up and I'm back in the 90's! AHHHHHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how long these Democratic Party ex-presidents [or wife of ex-prez] are determined to cling on to power. They seem to just obsessed with influencing the public even after their terms had been served.

Shall I say, Jimmy Carter, the Clintons, and I suspect, if it all goes well, one-termer Obamas [him and wife]. They keep on writing books of narrowing interest and one-sided opinions, and give endless campaign speeches years after their prime.

Mr Bill Clinton [and Mr Carter], please, just retire and leave us alone, we would love to move on.

2nd Anony.

Angie Lee said...

And for the first time in almost 2 years, there was someone with actual leadership experience in the White House.

I'm no Clinton fan, but at least he doesn't suffer from intractable craniorectal inversion like BHO. His head is so stuck, even the Jaws of Life couldn't extricate it.

Nick Rowe said...

When the going gets tough, Obama gets going to another champagne and caviar party.

This press conference was an embarrassment of leadership, but Obama/Axelrod view it as humility. But it's a symptom, not a cause of Obama's problems.

Obama suffered a tremendous defeat in November; his agenda is over. He broke his promise to "reach across the aisle," and this compromise was his LAST chance to do so. The morning after his posh New Year's party, Obama will be facing a Republican House and a decidedly more conservative Senate. He HAD to establish a rapport going into the new Congress. It's the only way he'll keep his job.

Bringing in Clinton to soothe his angry base and herd the Demon Rats into submission was absolutely necessary. If the move succeeds, he gains a small victory. If it fails, his image can't be hurt any worse.

It just goes to show that we elected the most inexperienced, callow, self-effacing, and feckless president in our history.

Janelle said...

Who advises Obama? This really isn't an experienced person or team. It could be that he doesn't listen or consult. Who could have thought this was a good idea?
Perhaps Mrs. Clinton suggested would certainly be a fabulously wicked thing to do.

Solo said...

That whole scenario was the most PATHETIC thing I've ever seen. Turning the highest elected office in the country into an absolute JOKE. What an insult.

These lefties are COMPLETE idiots.
I'm sad for our great Republic right now.


Marian said...

What a perfect exhibition of his priorities, how he views the office he holds, and how he views himself. The duties of office are somewhat of an annoying interference to the fun and frivolity afforded him in his position of power and in which he is constantly engaged. He loves the trappings of power and conspicuous consumption. Elitist delusions of grandeur keep him believing that this attitude is somehow OK. "The little people will just have to understand and excuse my dereliction of duty, because I'm Important!" Some humility. Even if he were to wake up and realize that his attitudes don't actually fly with the unwashed masses, at the root of it all, he just doesn't have the ability to stand up and face the mess he's in and the problems we're facing. Apparently, being President is not all about giving soaring Teleprompter speeches with affected MLK cadence to masses of adoring fans. Bummer.

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