Saturday, December 11, 2010

McClatchy – Marist Poll: Obama hits new low

McClatchy: WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama's approval ratings have sunk to the lowest level of his presidency, so low that he'd lose the White House to Republican Mitt Romney if the election were held today, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.
The biggest reason for Obama's fall: a sharp drop in approval among Democrats and liberals, apparently unhappy with his moves toward the center since he led the party to landslide losses in November's midterm elections. At the same time, he's gained nothing among independents.[…]
Overall, just 42 percent of registered voters approve of how he's doing his job, while 50 percent disapprove.
Obama's standing among Democrats dropped from a month ago, with his approval rating falling to 74 percent from 83 percent, and his disapproval rating almost doubling, from 11 percent to 21 percent.
Among liberals, his approval rating dropped from 78 percent to 69 percent and his disapproval rating jumped from 14 percent to 22 percent.
His position among independents remained virtually the same, with 39 percent approving and 52 percent disapproving. A month ago, it was 38-54.
The president's continued failure to rally independents could ruin his bid for re-election. A hypothetical 2012 matchup showed him getting the support of 44 percent of registered voters and Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, getting 46 percent.
I would not jump for glee over this poll.  Yes, the left is quite angry at Obama today, but the very same people who are wetting the bed over maintaining the tax rates for the wealthy, will be flocking to the polls in 2012 to make sure those tax rates do not become permanent under a Republican president.

I also severely doubt Romney can beat Obama.  Whoever wins the Republican nomination is going to get exactly what Sarah Palin has gotten over the last two years.  I just don’t see Mitt Romney being capable of withstanding that kind of assault. Check out this video as an example.  I think this is why the very left leaning McClatchy decided to highlight Romney beating Obama.


Country Thinker said...

Romneycare is a state version of ObamaCare. I don't think Romney has a chance of getting the GOP nomination as Tea Partiers will derail him.

I'm sticking with my prediction of Mitch Daniels over Hillary Clinton.

Nick Rowe said...

I don't think there's anybody BUT Romney who can beat Obama right now, unless everything falls apart between now and 2012. With Republicans winning the House, Obama's agenda is dead - he can't win, but there's also little he can lose.

There are plenty of conservatives we love, but few are electable. If you think I'm wrong, think of Bob Dole, Jack Kemp, and Barry Goldwater.

Any form of socialized health care is a mistake, but let's be clear on something: IF the public wants to have publicly-run health care, it must either be done by states (which have police powers) or we need a Constitutional amendment for the Federal government to do it. Romney didn't violate the Constitution the way Obama, Pelosi, and Reid did.

Romney was governor of a VERY liberal state. You don't keep that job unless you're willing to meet your opponents at least half way on a lot of unpalatable issues. I don't believe for one moment that Romney would have signed pushed for that law if he were governor of Utah.

It's easy to call Romney and Arnold "RINOs", but it's harder to get elected and actually govern as a conservative in a People's Republic. They did the best they could with what they had.

If we don't nominate an ELECTABLE Republican, we're going to see four more years of Obama, just like we suffered through Clinton from 1996 to 2000.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE we face is the nomination of Supreme Court Justices. There are too many 5-4 decisions. Justice Kennedy is the most powerful man in America. If we lose that one seat, nothing else matters.

And judicial appointments all around the country wreak havoc on our democracy. We're passing good laws, such as Arizona's SB 1170, and federal judges are overturning them.

We need a Republican™ in the White House much more than we need a rock solid conservative who might lose. Republicans will very likely retain the House and win back the Senate in 2012. Even if we put a total RINO in the White House, he is going to sign a lot of great laws and appoint a lot of great judges.

I'll take a Joe Manchin over an Arlen Specter any day, but Romney is nowhere near Specter. We can't start poisoning the well for Romney now. Be calm, my friends. Victory is in sight.

crypticchika said...

To the kind sir above me, Romney is a tax and spend liberal..Yea I understand that's a state where the citizens feel VERY entitled, so entitled, NOTHING gets done any longer, cause they're so busy collecting on ALL those expensive government mandates..

You said something along the lines as ''you don't get to be GOV of that state, and not give the people health-care''

Last I checked their SOOOOOO backed up in that state, and so broke in that state, their is no fixing the problem, with out the ample supply of FED money, everyone in that state is bought and paid for, and Im talking about the citizns, not just their politicians..

I just had o look up nick and get your name, you are showing ENTIRELY to much party loyalty, and half the battle nick, is you have to wake up..

I may have some hope in the tea party, because they may not be the tax and spend liberals the ENTIRE republican party has become..

We all have to wake up, and dump these lames in government, we have no hope if we dont..

A politician with a (r) or(d) or even (i), will still sell your grandmothers soul to the devil, right after they make a buck on grannies kidneys, of course..

Their is no more rationalizing ANY of their whachy behaviors, DO NOT EXCUSE ANYONE IN GOVERNMENT, it is their job to have their feet held to the fire, by us, the people..

They are as bad as they are, because of us, and I'm no longer allowing it, this last mid-term election was the first election EVER I wasnt voting for the republican, just to vote against the democrat, and guess what happened these elections?? We woke up, and it's no longer acceptable to make me choose the lesser of the 2 evils and call that a vote..

I've been voting for years Nick and voting for reagan was the only vote in my entire adult voting life, that I wasnt voting just to vote AGAINST the other guy..

I hope we can get this country back on track, but not unless we throw ALL these bumbs out..

I will never accept having to vote for Mitt or Obama, again..With out suggesting anarchy, these past elections were great, we had real conservatives run and get elected!

Things are looking up for us, if obama doesn't declare martial law on us, and I am actually worried he will do that..I am sooooo tired of voting for the lesser of the 2 evils, and after years of it, our country is falling apart..

crypticchika said...

and I know I'm wrong for this, but I like Obama's polls being in the dirt, I like it when he hurts, when he feels like no one loves him, and EVERYONE hates him, because for the most part, we do..

So let Obama bust his lip, trip and fall more often.. GAWD knows I'm tired of feeling like he's just so above us and it..

Great picture BTW cliff, I love that down and out image of obama so much, I'm actually speechless..Well, no I'm not, I want to offer to go kick him while he's down, then I could be speechless.. lol

reg said...

yes romney polls well until the spotlight lands on him,rest assured he will not stand up. Palin's polling is as low as it will ever go, after 2 years of non-stop attacks, every stone has been turned , all the smears have been smeared.
it took Reagan to beat Carter, HW Bush would not have won. You can't beat something with nothing and to me Romney has a strong resemblance to John Kerry.

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

I'm scratching my head at conservative logic...the majority of states MANDATE that we MUST have automobile insurance, but somehow mandating that human beings must have health insurance is somehow a "violation" of my "rights?" Let's call it what it truly is...sour grapes (and yes, I would feel the same way if a Republican crafted universal affordable health care and Democrats were against it)!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Herman Cain run. As a successful conservative businessman and D.C. outsider - he has much to offer (of course, I want to see how he does against the other Repubs in debates/on the issues - but, I like what I've seen/heard from him thus far).

But, talk about a true equal, yet, opposite starting point to debate the direction of this country going forward. Cain vs Obama.

And, to give the Dems possibly the most feared ticket they could face - Marco Rubio as his VP.
Dems/libs can say all they want about "racial politics".

But, when the ticket is filled by two outstanding patriots with impressive attributes like Cain/Rubio - let 'em bring that on. They are going to play the race card regardless - as they always do.

A Cain/Rubio ticket could really neutralize much of the Dems/lefts usual racial strategies - leaving the glaring topic of governing philosophy and agenda.

I'm not saying at this point that this would be my dream ticket. But, I am saying I would MUCH rather have Cain & Rubio running our country than Obama & whomever.


Anonymous said...

Beyond The Political Spectrum -

Re: your auto insurance analogy is pathetic. And, actually it has been around and "refudiated" repeatedly since it has been put out there - over a year ago. That you either are too ignorant to understand the differences - or just choose to be deceitful is what is head scratching.

You don't have to buy automoble insurance if you don't drive an auto on highways. And, if you don't want to drive - you aren't "forced" to pay for auto insurance.

Good grief!!

That you don't know the difference between that - and the federal gov mandating a person buy health insurance even if he doesn't want to - is even worse than head scratching. It is staggering stupidity.

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