Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kiss of Death: Al Gore praises Mitt Romney on Global Warming

 Al Gore: Good for Mitt Romney -- though we've long passed the point where weak lip-service is enough on the Climate Crisis.
While other Republicans are running from the truth, he is sticking to his guns in the face of the anti-science wing of the Republican Party:

“It seemed like a straightforward question on a second-tier issue: Would Mitt Romney disavow the science behind global warming?”

“The putative Republican presidential front-runner, eager to prove his conservative bona fides, could easily have said what he knew many in his party's base wanted to hear.”

“Instead, the former Massachusetts governor stuck to the position he has held for many years -- that he believes the world is getting warmer and that humans are contributing to it.”

Oh boy, talk about the kiss of death. Mitt Romney's conservative bona fides is already suspect by many in the Republican base. How can it not be with so many flip-flops and the creation of ObamaCare's father RomneyCare. Adding to conservatives' suspicion of Mitt Romney is Romney's new support for Global Warming. A support he has stuck to as well. Now the chief charlatan of the Global Warming hoax, Al Gore is giving Mitt Romney a big Kudos!

If conservatives ever need more proof that they should think long and hard about having a President Romney, this is it.

Romney has said: I don’t speak for the scientific community, of course, but I believe the world’s getting warmer. I can’t prove that, but I believe based on what I read that the world is getting warmer. And number two, I believe that humans contribute to that. I don’t know how much our contribution is to that, because I know that there have been periods of greater heat and warmth in the past but I believe we contribute to that.
Romney stuck by the words too. At the next debate, I sure wish one of the other candidates would ask Romney just how he squares his comments with news released today that the earth maybe headed towards another ice age.

Seeing Romney explain himself sure would make for an interesting debate.

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spc said...

"I actually like Romney. He is the closest thing to a Democrat that the GOP has and that is a good thing."

A car board I frequent has sort of a village idiot/political activist. Climate scientist works for government and trolls with non-stop hate about conservatives.

The reason I mention it is because the above quote was his take on the recent debate. It says more than I need to know about Romney and why the media loves him.

Gary said...

When people don't know anything they knee-jerk.

On global warming the Commies react and knee-jerk toward Socialism. The Conservatives then react and knee-jerk toward opposing anything ever said by any left-winger. No rational thought or knowledge is needed by either side.

The fact of the matter is most members of the political class can't find their ass with both hands let alone know any science.

But science is not political. As an open minded Libertarian-Classical Liberal I can see the science.

For 150 years our industrial society has been taking billions of tons of carbon dioxide from under the ground and releasing it into the air. Any person with one semester of high school science knows this will have some type of reaction to the environment.

Climate science is a complex mix of deforestation, killing the oceans, sun spots etc. But it is foolish for Conservatives to ignore the real world and knee-jerk.

Dean L said...

Great summation of this. I linked to your post because this needs to be circulated.

Global warming is about as useful a topic as "Deep Dish or Thin Crust?" Yet 'moderate' Republicans feel the need to pander to the AGW crowd in order to secure votes. That's a great barometer of whether someone is in the race on principle or just wants to win regardless of principle.

Alternately, Romney truly believes the AGW hype and there's cause to doubt him from that angle. Either way, it doesn't leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Matt said...

I had covered this as well. I do wonder if it's a plan for the left to take out Romney. Think Regress released the video of Romney's comments. Either way, it exposes Romney for what he is; a RINO.

This person said...

I thought what he (Romney) said would have been the end of him. I just don't trust this guy. We don't need to run a mushy middle of the road republican to beat Obama. I fear we're going to be stuck with him. Good Gawd, Al Gore likes him!

Anonymous said...

I can only hope and pray that it IS the kiss of death for Romney. He can't even qualify as a RINO.

SB Smith

Clifton B said...


I don'r view Romney so much as a RINO as I do a self serving opportunist. I think Mitt would morph into anything if it would help make him POTUS.

If by some weird incident, Americans craved Sharia Law, Mitt would bust out a prayer rug and sell himself as Mullah In Chief. He is just that type of guy.

Clifton B said...


As a conservative, I too embrace science. I also understand the failings of man that make up human nature. Science and scientist are not above corruption. As such, we must make sure that scientist follow tried and true methods of seeking science fact.

Scientific fact only comes about after following the scientific method so that test and experiment consistently provide the same results. This has NEVER been true about man's contribution to "Climate Change" or Global Warming. In this case, all we have are a bunch of suspect scientist with a consensus.

In physics, scientists are searching for something called The God Particle. There was a consensus that it existed. However, recent experiment have proven a major setback to that theory. This should serve as a reminder to all those who want to embrace Man Made Global Warming or Man Cause Climate Change.

Until it is 100% proven that man is causing climate change, no politician should be proposing or embracing expensive legislation for it. Because if it turns out that Climate Change is a natural occurrence that simply must be endured by man, we would have wasted trillions trying to fight something way beyond our control.

So Gary, as someone who claims to embrace science, I would emplore you to hold scientists up to the time tested standards that have advanced the world thus far and not fall for the suspect half baked standards of today.

Clifton B said...

Dean L:

Thanks for the Linky Love. I concur that moderate Republicans embrace Climate Change in order to look trendy and score votes. They refuse to stand on principle and call out half baked science when they see it.

America stands at the edge of a cliff. It is crucial that the next president thinks clearly and only deals in truth. Romney's embrace of climate change proves that he is lacking in both.

Clifton B said...


The Left would love Romney to be our nominee. They know that he is beatable because he would never distinguish himself from Obama and thus the water would be nice and muddled. Muddled waters is exacted what Obama is looking for in 2012.

Clifton B said...

SB Smith:

Sadly this won't be the death of Romney. The media will be sure to tout him as the second coming, right up until he is named nominee. Then the will tear him limb from limb like the soft pansy he is.

Wake up Republicans, we have played this losing game before.

Clifton B said...

Solid Action:

The best way to make sure you do not end up with Romney as our nominee is to follow these steps.

1. Do you homework. Learn everything you can about every possible candidate.

2. Pick your top three candidates after you learned about them.

3. Be flexible. If your first choice looks like a loser, be willing to swing your support behind numbers 2 and 3 so that we all coalesce behind a single conservative candidate.

4. Do not be swayed by media hype and early polling memes. Politics moves at the speed of light. Anything can happen between now and 2012. That is why #3 is so important.

Gary said...

***** "Until it is 100% proven that man is causing climate change" *****

Clifton, you are a smart guy. Put down the politics and think. It is IMPOSSIBLE to prove anything to the satisfaction of 100% of the people. Scientists will argue about things till the end of time.

Don't fall into the "knee-jerk trap" of Rush, Hannity or some political hack said it so it must be true.

EXAMPLE: You slowly pour acid waste into a lake. Common sence says that at a certain point fish will die. You don't need a PHD to understand basic science.

For every action there is a reaction.

Common sense says if you release billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air it will have an impact. No more. No less. The degree of impact can be debated, but the impact is there.

FOLLOW THE MONEY: I have heard a number of scientists speak out against global warming. Some are independent. But many others are getting money directly or through front groups funded by coal or oil companies who have a vested interest.

Clifton B said...


***** "Until it is 100% proven that man is causing climate change" *****

Clifton, you are a smart guy. Put down the politics and think. It is IMPOSSIBLE to prove anything to the satisfaction of 100% of the people. Scientists will argue about things till the end of time.

Sorry Gary this is not true. First, I was not talking about proving the science of Climate Change to people's satisfaction, I am talking about proving the science itself.

There is tons of science fact out there that is 100% provable. For example, gravity or the properties of water, etc. These things are scientific fact because proofs exists that show the same results over and over again.

For climate change, no such proofs exists. There are models, projections, assumptions but no single provable experiment that shows man's is directly the cause of climate change.

Now regarding the money aspect, you totally do not mention the hundreds of billions that the pro climate change scientist have received from governments worldwide. Some universities have seen their budgets swell from grants related to climate change. Are we to believe that these scientists do not have a financial incentive to say climate change exists and man is causing it.

kajun said...

"There are models, projections, assumptions but no single provable experiment that shows man's is directly the cause of climate change.

Only models I know of are in those computers that were programmed to give the results they wanted to get, which would prove their point. But we know where that went!! And now it's an 'Ice Age' coming?!?!?!?!?!???

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