Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Day Of Arrogance

If I had to choose a single word to describe the First 100 Days of the Obama Presidency, I would easily choose the word arrogance! From day one, Obama's arrogance was on full display.

The Inaugural was the first sign. We have a president, who at his victory speech on election night told us that we would have to make sacrifices in order to see the bright sunny day of Hope and Change. Yet, when Inauguration Day came, no expense was spared! It did not stop there either, for the first month all we heard was crisis, crisis, crisis, we are on the brink of depression, OMG the sky is falling, the economy is in the crapper, we must all gird our loins and hunker down for the worst. Mean while it is endless trips on Air Force Once, fancy parties and Wagyu steaks at the White House. No leading by example for Lord Obama, all that sacrifice jazz was for the little peeps.

Speaking of the little peeps, let us not forget the arrogant disdain shown towards the unwashed masses. We got an early taste of it during his campaign with that two faced bitter clingger remark. Even today, on his 100th day in office, he arrogantly dismissed 250,000 of the little peeps who dared show disapproval of his outrageous spending.

Lord Obama's arrogance, isn't just heaped on the little peeps. He dishes it out every time he tries his "I Won" bipartisanship. He uses gullible Republicans for photo ops, then kicks them in the teeth by rejecting any and all of their concerns or ideas with a very arrogant "we're doing it my way because I Won"!

Oh and lets not forget the arrogance of his meaningless speeches. Obama will read one thing off the teleprompter and then immediately do the opposite. How many times has he read to us that he is not for big government and then it is spend, spend, spend. He reads to us that he is going to go through the budget line by line and then chips off a measly $100,000,000 from his outrageous $3 TRILLION budget. He is so arrogant, he doesn't even seem to care about the blatant hypocrisy of it all. It is just like, listen to what I read to you and don't you dare question what I am actually doing.

Obama's arrogance isn't just unique to him, he surrounded himself arrogant underlings too. Watch the Sunday morning news shows when his underlings are on. They dismiss capitalism like yesterday's news, meanwhile none of them were big successes in the private sector. They speak of the Republican party like it is vanquished forever, simply because they say so.

In my entire 44 years, I have never know an arrogant person who did not get their comeuppance sooner or later. With Obama, I am certain his comeuppance is going to come in the form of a foreign affairs blunder. This is because, the rest of the world is under no obligation to put up with any of his arrogant BS.

As nice as it would be to see Obama's arrogance get taken down a peg or two by some foreign leader, the fate of this great nation is tied him for the next four years.

So, the lying tax cheat Sebelius gets confirmed.

Lying tax cheat Kathleen Sebelius got confirmed yesterday. Once again "crisis" was the reason to hurry up and confirm an undeserving and questionably qualified person to a cabinet position. The vote was 65-31 with nine Republicans voting "Yes".

Here is what I don't understand about the nine Republican votes. Since the election the left has been tagging Republicans as the Party of No. This has been said over and over again regardless of what the Republicans actually do. If Republicans are going to get this label no matter what they do, why not just say NO when it really counts?

If I were a Republican Senator I would have issued my statement of no how, no way, the second Sebelius lied about her involvement with Tiller the Baby Killer. I would have said Mr. President, start looking for another nominee for DHHS. Governor Sebelius has proven herself to be untrustworthy of the position. Since you have repeatedly promised the American people both transparency and high ethical standards in your administration, I would like to help you keep your word by not appointing yet another tax cheat to your administration.

Harsh words? You betcha, but they are also very true and are Obama's own standards. Plus considering the press would crucify you no matter what excuse you used to say no, you might as well go for the jugular.

Instead of such bold action, we get wishy washy Republicans who vote Yes in order to go along and get along. That mentality achieves nothing for those wishy washy Republicans other than the scorn from their base.

Here are the nine Republicans who voted for Sebelius with a few notes of my own.

Snow (R ME)
Collins (R ME)
Specter (R PA)
Lugar (R IN)
This is the usual gang of party poopers. Specter says we need more of these types. For what? To further undermine the conservative message, no thanks.

Gregg (R NH)
When this guy jumped ship from the Obama administration, some Republicans were singing his praises. I did not. Gregg never struck me as reliable or principled.

Brownback (R KS)
For someone who wants to be big in the Pro Life movement, this vote was unforgivable!
Bond (R MO)
Roberts (R KS)
Voinovich (R KS)

About those fluorescent puppies.

During my web travels today, I read this story about South Korean scientists that created transgenic puppies that glow under ultra violet light (yes, you read that correctly). Once over the weirdness of it all I had a few questions buzzing in my head.

  1. Who is keep an eye on these scientist to make sure they don't start making animal/ human hybrids?

  2. Does crossing genes of different species raise the possibility of creating new diseases that can be transmitted across a variety of species? If so who is keeping a watchful eye on that?

  3. What safeguards are in place should any of these experiments go terribly awry?

By the way, I own two beagles (pictured below) and considering how they love to lay about in the middle of the kitchen floor at night, it would be handy if they could glow when I came down for my late night snack. :-D

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good bye Arlen Specter, you self serving SOB!

Arlen Specter has been a thorn in the GOP’s side for decades. Constantly voting against conservative interests. He voted with the Dems on some key issues, Stem Cell Research, extending the Bush tax cuts, guest worker programs for illegals, just to name a few. However his vote for the Porkulus Plan, put his RINO head on the chopping block with the GOP base.

Like any good self serving elitist, Specter officially changed parties to save his own ass. He knew Toomey was going to clean his clock and clean it good! Despite all Specter’s nonsense about the Republican Party leaving him,blah, blah, blah, the real reason he switched parties was to save his own self serving ass! I was floor that he admitted it too:

“I am not prepared to have my 29 year record in the United States Senate decided by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate”

What an arrogant bastard! Who the hell did he think helped to get him there in the first place?

Specter foolishly thinks that he can stick his finger in the Democrats eyes like he repeatedly did to the Republicans.
“I will not be an automatic 60th vote”

Good luck with that! The first time he lets the Democrats down on an important piece of legislation, MoveOn,org will be on him like white on rice. If there is one thing the Democrats don’t do, it is to waste time and money on turncoats and non party players. Look at Joe Lieberman, supported the war in Iraq and the Dems cut him loose. Watch, come 2010, they will all get behind a real Democrat no matter what they promise him today.

Now is the time for Republicans to finally clean house. One more Republican here or there is not going make a difference now. So, now is the time for Mr. Steel to cut funding to wishy washy unreliables like McCain, Snow, Collins, Graham and Hagel. If these guys want to play independent, let them finance their campaigns independently. In other words, put their money where their mouth is!

I will make it my business to make sure Specter is out of the Senate come 2010. I will support Toomey with cash and make calls if I can. I will even send money to any Democrat that challenges Specter. One way or another, I want to see this self serving RINO bastard sent out to pasture once and for all!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu: Hype or Horror?

I am kind of getting that “don’t believe the hype” feeling about the Swine Flu. Remember SARS? Vaguely, right? Well it was covered by the media much the same way and nothing happened. Same for the Bird Flu when it first popped up.

Yes, we will face one of those population decimation diseases sooner or later. When it comes, it is going to have to be something that completely catches our science off guard. It will be during that time we are figuring it out, that it will take its toll on our populations. I just don’t see this happening with a different type of the flu.

To date there are about 70 known cases here in the United States. The media reports this in such ominous tones. However, when you remember that we are a nation of 300 million, you realize that we are not even talking about 1% of the population. The odds of not catching it are still greatly in your favor.

Only 2 Americans have died from the Swine Flu and almost 200 Mexicans. I think those deaths have more to do with the ineffectiveness of the Mexican government and its crummy healthcare system, than with the potency of this new strain of flu. Every year thousands die from the flu and we don't scream Pandemic!

For myself, I plan to watch how it progresses and follow normal flu season precautions (wash your hands regularly and avoid people who carelessly hack and spew in public). If it does take a turn for the worse, I have plenty of surgical masks and rubber gloves left over from handling my mail after 9/11.

What’s your view?

UPDATED: They're just so 9/10

Obama and his flying monkeys (pun intended) did not think before they did an Air Force One NYC flyby. For anyone who 9/11 made an impact, the idea would have set off bells and whistles the second it was suggested. Not these guys.

For them it is still 9/10/2001. They ignore the true dangers of nuclear proliferation thinking that M.A.D will still work, thus no need for bolstering anti missile defense. They worry not about a small band of foreign invaders wreaking major havoc on cities and thus feel free to use DHS to attack their domestic political enemies. They still buy into the wrong headed notion that appeasing our enemies will buy us good will, completely ignoring the fact that 9/11 showed the world that you can strike the American Homeland.

Sadly for many on the left, nothing has changed since 9/11.

UPDATED 4/28/2009
It now turns out that there is a FAA memo that indicates the Feds, knew the flight would cause panic and did it anyway. They even went as far as to demand that NYPD and the Mayor's Office not mention it to the public. Talk about arrogance!


POTUS to TOTUS: "You're not the boss of me"
BTW: If you have not already, check out Barak Obama's Teleprompter Blog!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Meghan McCain: That Twit On Twitter.

Ok Meghan McCain, it is time someone gave you a little bit of advice. Since you are convinced that you have all the answers for rebuilding the Republican Party, you might want to start cultivating a more serious image… like now! Really girl, your tweets on Twitter have got to be the most vacuous bullshit I ever read. You sound like a twit on Twitter! I know you say that this is your personal junk, but come on!

If you want to stand toe to toe against serious, educated, conservative women like Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter, you are going to have to sound like you do not have an echo chamber inside that little blonde head of yours.

For example, you tweeted today about Emimen and how cool he looks in his new video (Lord, is this video retarded).

[I used to have the hugest crush on Eminem when I was in high school and he still looks hot in his new music video]

That is sweet in a high school kind of way. However, serious women will eat your lunch for completely missing the blatant misogyny against Governor Palin in that video! You do realize that marginalizing Governor Palin also marginalizes the Republican Party, the very same party you still claim to be a member of and want to “progress“.

Also speaking of the Republican Party, your little piece in the Daily Beast about being creeped out over Karl Rove following your tweets. Get over yourself! He is probably following you to get a good laugh. Yeah girl, the folks are laughing at you. Yes they are! Why? Simple, you say you have all this thought provoking stuff to share with the Republican Party then you tweet BS like this:

[@allahpundit J Me too, I can talk politics all day and all night but sometimes a girl has to spread the word about a great mascara too J]

Somehow I don’t see Laura or Ann doing this right after a discussion about the consequences of the Obama Administration releasing those CIA memos.

Also, while we are at it, if you want to get taken seriously in politics, especially Republican politics, you might want to start writing a few more critical pieces about the Democrats. A search of both your blogs only revealed one!

I know that at Columbia University (John, Cindy, I smell a refund) leftwing ideology rules and the indoctrination is heavy duty, but for crying out loud your last name gives you access to some of the best Republican minds and all you can come up with is stale old leftwing talking points against Republicans?

So Meghan, in conclusion, if you do not want conservatives to place you on the ignore list like Brooks, Frum and Parker, you need to close that Twitter account like yesterday! Then distance yourself from the keyboard and give yourself time to THINK. Use that last name of yours to speak with some really smart people on both sides of the isle. Then and only then will Conservatives and Republicans take time to consider what you have to say, instead of saying “hey, did you hear what that twit Meghan McCain said on Twitter today”?

Better than Sponge Bob

Too bad they don't make cartoons like this anymore. Perhaps if they did, half he nation would not be running around in a Kool Aid induced coma praising an empty suit. Be sure to watch with the kids! Hat Tip to Bug at Bug Drivel.

Are you keeping your eye on Door #3?

There are three major stories out in the nation today. Two of them will surely vie for your attention, but only one is certain to change your life! The three stories I speak of are; The Torture Memos, The Swine Flu Pandemic and Democrats trying to Fast Track their Health Care Plan.

Last week, while the mainstream media and all the talking heads were focusing their attention (and yours) on the Bush Administration’s memos on “Enhanced Interrogations”, House Democrats quietly moved to limit the debate on Obama’s Health Care Plan. Using a procedure called “reconciliation”, that allows only 20 hours of Senate debate, Democrats would be able to accomplish some pretty scary things.
  • Have control over the details of Heath Care Plan.
  • Stop Republican and conservative Democrat filibusters.
  • Keep the timeframe of the legislation extremely short (think Stimulus Plan).

Quietly sneaking socialized medicine in through the backdoor is the last thing America needs. So this week, while the mainstream media is screaming at you to beware to the Swine Flu Pandemic, take time to contact Nasty Pelosi and Dingy Harry and let them know you have your eye on Door #3!

Nancy Pelosi
Office of the Speaker
H-232, US Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader
528 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3542
Fax: 202-224-7327

Sunday, April 26, 2009

UPDATED: Palin calls out Obama on his phony bipartisanship. NOT!!!

Well it appears the words below were not writed by Governor Palin! The piece was writed by conservative writer Meghan Clyne! You can read about the mix up at Conservatives4Palin. I don't feel too bad about running this piece in my blog, because I was not the only one who fell for the mistake, Ben Smith at Politico and Hot Air also fell for it too. Regardless of the author (though I would have loved for it to have been Palin), the facts still ring true.

To me this crazy mix up, is just further proof that US newspapers need to go the way of the dinosaurs. For a good read on US newspapers, check out Left Coast Rebel's blog here.
The New York Post has a piece up today called 100 Days, 100 Mistakes, detailing the mistakes of the Obama Administration. Mistake number 17 is penned by none other than Governor Sarah Palin. I copied it below and added emphasis to my favorite part.

The Governor, has been under constant attack back in Alaska after the election and she is still standing. From her piece below, clearly Sarah Palin can dish it out as well. I cannot help but wonder how different the 2008 campaign would have turned out had the ticket read Palin/McCain instead.


Obama soared to victory on the hopeful promise of a new era of bipartisanship. During his inaugural address he even promised an 'end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics.'

Too bad it took all of three days for the promise to ring hollow.

Start with Obama's big meeting with top congressional leaders on his signature legislation -- the stimulus -- on the Friday after his inauguration. Listening to Republican concerns about overspending was a nice gesture -- until he shut down any hopes of real dialogue by crassly telling Republican leaders: 'I won.' Even the White House's leaking of the comment was a slap at the Republican leadership, who'd expected Obama to adhere to the custom of keeping private meetings with congressional leadership, well, private.

It's only gone downhill from there. The stimulus included zero Republican recommendations, and failed to get a single House Republican vote.

It's not just the tactic of using Republicans for bipartisan photo-ops, and then cutting them loose before partisan decisions, that irks Obama's opponents. The new president wasted no time rushing forward with policies and legislation guaranteed to drive Republicans nuts. The first bill he signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act -- a partisan hot-button that drew all of eight Republican supporters in the entire Congress. Then there was the swift reversal of Bush policies on abortion and embryonic-stem-cell research -- issues dear to the Republican base.

And when Obama and the Democrats in Congress took up SCHIP -- the children's health-insurance bill that Republicans say vastly expands government's role in health care -- they had an easy chance for real bipartisanship. After all, the bill had been hashed out in the previous Congress, and a bipartisan accord was reached before President Bush responded with a veto. Did the Obama team push for the compromise version in the 111th Congress? Nope. They went back to the drawing board, ramming through the Democrats' dream version.

Of course, the lack of bipartisanship isn't limited to Capitol Hill. Obama has taken gratuitous swipes at the Republicans who recently decamped Washington, blaming President Bush for everything from the economy and the war to the lack of sufficient puppies and rainbows. And who could forget the Rush Limbaugh flap -- in which Obama's top advisers, including chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, orchestrated a public relations campaign meant to undermine the Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele, by framing talk-radio personality Limbaugh as the real head of the Republican Party.

For now, Obama's back-pedal on the bipartisanship promise just makes him look insincere. But the real consequences of the mistake will be felt soon enough. As Presidents Bush and Clinton could tell him, congressional majorities do change -- and at some point, Obama will need Republicans on his side. He'd be smart to spend his second 100 days making up for the serious snubs of his first."

-- Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska

Note: If you would like to contribute to Palin's legal defense fund, scroll to the bottom of my blog for the link to The Alaska Fund Trust.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

For the love of God Henrietta Hughes, will you save yourself?

If ever there was an example of what is wrong with the social welfare system in America today, it is Henrietta Hughes. You may remember her tearful pleas to the great Messiah Obama for her own kitchen and bathroom.

Well, it turns out poor helpless and hapless Henrietta is still waiting to be saved. Despite receiving a free house from a Republican no less (oh, those evil racist Republicans), Ms. Hughes is still working the system for a better life, rather than figuring out a way to change her circumstances on her own.

If you remember, Henrietta Hughes has a young and able body son, who together had some funny business going on with the sale of their homes. Despite significant money made there, Henrietta and her son cried broke and were living in her car. Today Henrietta and her son are taking computer courses and are claiming that the jobs are not there.

Sorry, but I call BS on these two. Are you telling me that with all the media attention Henrietta received back in Feb, she and her son could not hook up two minimum wage jobs until they could do better? What employer would not want the publicity of giving Ms. Hughes or her son a job? Heck, there was enough pity out there to land them a free house!

I looked up the minimum wage in Florida and it is $7.21 per hour. If both Henrietta and her son worked 40 hour each a week, they would bring home $288.40 each before taxes. Now lets say Uncle Sam was extra cruel and took $58.40 a week, each in taxes, Henrietta and her son would have about $460.00 a week combined or $1,840.00 a month combined.

If you look closely at the video above at the 2:00 mark, you will see Henrietta claims these expenses:
  • $87.00 Tithes (notice this isn't highlighted in the video)
  • $112.35 Storage
  • $60.28 Car Insurance
  • $50.00 Cash Loan
  • $45.00 Visa
  • $150.00 Gas

$504.63 Total

First of all, why is a woman that is living hand to mouth, giving away $87.00 an month in tithes? I am certain whatever church she belongs to would understand her dropping that figure to something a lot more reasonable, if not all together. Second, since Ms Hughes is living rent free in a large home, why is she still wasting $112.35 on storage? Ditching these two items, Ms. Hughes has about $300.00 in monthly overhead. Thus, leaving her and her son with $1,540.00 a month.

A quick Google search of rental property in Fort Myers Florida found some really hot finds. Check out this priced at $499-$935 a month (Damn if you can find anything this nice in NYC).

Now, I know this would be tight as far as budgets go, but come on, it is better than begging on national TV.

The problem with the Henrietta Hughes' of the world is that they feel if they work, they must have this awesome middle class life style with all the bells and whistles. Otherwise, why get off the dole? The truth is those of us who work for a living have to make do in all kinds of situations. I myself worked 3 part time jobs at one point in order to pay for college. However difficult it is, working is far better than getting jerked around by the government with all its red tape, rules and regulations.

So Henrietta, if you want a better life, stop the whining and the waiting! Instead get up off your ass and save yourself!

BTW: Did you know there is a Imagine that!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

PC Thought Control

By now you have all heard about the Perez Hilton / Carrie Prejean dust up. While none of us should be surprised that Hilton got on his blog and launched an ugly screed against the lovely Miss Prejean (conservatives are all too familiar with the intolerance from the party of tolerance), we should be surprised by what Perez Hilton told Larry King on CNN:

“Yes. I do expect Miss USA to be politically correct”.

Wow! That is one stunning admission. In other words, people are no longer allowed to give their honest opinions when asked for. Instead, they must spew politically correct bullshit so that the delicate sensibilities of people (read: agenda pushers) like Perez Hilton are not offended. Well, if that is the case, Perez Hilton can file himself under: Fascist, Fascist, Fascist!

Carrie Prejean was well within her rights to answer that question as she damn well pleased. Perez Hilton also was well within his rights to get on his blog and voice his displeasure with her answer (good taste aside). However, for Perez Hilton to suggest that Carrie Prejean (or any of us for that matter) must parrot some politically correct answers in order to appease people following a certain agenda, is nothing more than thought control. When this type of behavior is promoted we need to call out such promoters for exactly what they are …FASCISTS!

So, Carrie Prejean, you go right ahead and speak your mind as you see fit!

This is America!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Conservatives Need YouTube.

There is not a conservative alive who has not complained about leftwing media bias. For decades, conservatives have had to watch, read and listen to slanted news and out right lies against conservative politicians and conservative thought.

Things started to improve with the dawn of conservative talk radio and the internet. With these two things, conservative and their message could be clearly given to the American people without the mainstream media’s slants and lies. However, with the 2008 election, the media seems to have abandon any pretense of objectivity and have boldly and openly chosen sides. No surprise they did not choose ours.

Barak Obama owes his victory to a press that refused to question his relationships, refused to investigate his ideology and refused to question his qualifications, all the while holding McCain and Palin to the most intense scrutiny ever. The media even went as far as to actually go on the attack against the republicans. The New York Times invented a story about John McCain having an affair with a female lobbyist and what they continue to do to Governor Palin is down right criminal!

The media’s new open hostility towards conservatives was on full display last week with the Tea Parties. Witness Anderson Cooper’s comment about “tea bagging” (he ought to know) and Rachel Maddow's repeated reference to the term. In addition to the ridicule, the JournoList meme of the day was that the Tea Parties were not a grassroots effort but rather an Astroturf campaign spearheaded by Fox News. But the clearest example of the media’s open hostility towards Tea Parties was CNN’s Susan Roesgen’s attack on a Tea Party protester in Chicago!

So what are conservatives to do now that the media has dropped its veneer of objectivity? During the 2008 VP debates, Governor Palin gave us the clue:

I like being able to answer these tough questions without the filter, even, of the mainstream media kind of telling viewers what they’ve just heard..

Speaking directly to the public without the media is the key for conservatives to get their messages across and to expose the media’s bias towards them. No better tool is suited to this task than YouTube.

Remember, Susan Roesgen’s attack above? Here is a YouTube video of what happened after CNN’s camera’s stopped rolling. See how the female protester tells exactly how Roesgen was deliberately slanting the report by ignoring anti Republican messages and zeroing in on people with anti Obama signs. This video is now out on YouTube and there isn’t a damn thing CNN can do about it. Their bias reporting is forever recorded for all the world to see.

Think about how much different Sarah Palin’s primetime interviews would have gone if the McCain campaign had its own camera rolling right along with ABC and CBS. Would Couric and Gibson have risked playing gotcha if they knew there was video that could have been splashed across the net with their bad moments on it? This should be standard operating procedure for any 2012 Republican candidate! (Are you listening Mr. Steele?)

YouTube not only helps to expose leftwing media bias and defend conservative candidates, it is also an excellent way for spreading the conservative message. YouTube videos by Thomas Paine, AlfonZo Rachel, Daniel Hannigan and this young soldier all went viral by delivering a clear, solid and forceful conservative message directly to the people. If the media tries to slant the news on a video, all it does is spark curiosity and makes people search the video, they are then exposed to the entire message and free to make up their own minds about it.

My advice to conservatives is get yourself a YouTube account today, learn how to use the service to rate, upload and share videos. Take courses in video production, animation and editing. Take video cameras with you to Tea Parties and rallies. Write to officials that have your support and tell them to embrace YouTube today. We need not be slandered by the left any longer we can follow YouTube's advice and broadcast ourselves!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why is this clown in charge of our security?

On April 14, 2009, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief Janet Napolitano released what has to be taken as written proof of her complete incompetence. The Assesment, titled "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment", had nothing to do with her job (keeping us safe) and everything to do with political hackery! Basically the "assessment" tries to define mainstream conservatives as rightwing extremists.

Check out this statement:

(U) Historical Presidential Election

Rightwing extremists are harnessing this historical election as a recruitment tool. Many rightwing extremists are antagonistic toward the new presidential administration and its perceived stance on a range of issues, including immigration and citizenship, the expansion of social programs to minorities, and restrictions on firearms ownership and use. Rightwing extremists are increasingly galvanized by these concerns and leverage them as drivers for recruitment. From the 2008 election time frame to the present, rightwing extremists have capitalized on related racial and political prejudices in expanded propaganda campaigns, thereby reaching out to wider audience of potential sympathizers.

So let me get this straight Janet: if one doesn't agree with the policies put forth by the Obama administration, and chooses to speak out with others who share such views, then one is labelled an extremist motivated by racism. Is that it Janet? Well then my dear, you are a first class clown!

The only reason for this joke of an assessment is politics. At the very least, the politics behind this assessment is to discredit conservatism in the eyes of the gullible and ill informed. At the very worst, it serves as a warning to
conservatives that flexing its grassroots muscle will cause scrutiny by the DHS!

The opening paragraph of the DHS's Strategic Plan, states:

This Department of Homeland Security’s overriding and urgent mission is to lead the unified national effort to secure the country and preserve our freedoms. While the Department was created to secure our country against those who seek to disrupt the American way of life, our charter also includes preparation for and response to all hazards and disasters. The citizens of the United States must have the utmost confidence that the Department can execute both of these missions.

Sorry, but with Janet at the helm, the last thing I have is confidence that she can execute any of these missions. Since being appointed, Ms. Napolitano has dropped the word "terrorism" and has replaced it with the utterly foolish phrase "Man-Caused Disaster"! You are not dealing with serious minds when you get a completely stupid term like this. Did anyone over at DHS bother to realize that the term "Man-Caused Disaster" could just as easily apply to something like the Exxon Valdez oil spill? Does Napolitano not realize that there is a huge difference between something like the Exxon Valdez and 9/11?

If shilling for progressives with bogus assessments and creating meaningless euphemisms for terrorism were all we had to worry about that would be bad enough. But Ms. Napolitano's record on security as Governor of Arizona should give us all pause. Here is what the Tucson Citizen had to say about her when Obama chose her for DHS:

President-elect Barack Obama's choice for homeland security chief blames budget problems and the difficulty coordinating agencies in Arizona, where she has been governor, for failing to complete key provisions of a detailed security plan for her own state.

Gov. Janet Napolitano put together the plan six years ago to improve Arizona's ability to respond to emergencies, detect and prevent terrorist attacks and secure Arizona's border with Mexico. But some key provisions remain incomplete. Firefighters, paramedics and other first responders at disaster scenes still can't always communicate by radio without calling in special equipment, and criminal records still aren't fully available electronically.

Perhaps if Napolitano could have gotten her act together on security in her state, Phoenix would have become the second kidnap capital of the world!

Yes folks, all that chilling violence you just saw happened under the watchful gaze of our new DHS head. Whatever, Ms. Napolitano's priorities were as Governor of Arizona, security wasn't one of them. Yet, she was nominated and even more shockingly, confirmed.

This is where Republicans need to take some blame. Republicans should have rejected her nomination and loudly voiced her short comings and poor qualifications. Democrats sink nominations all the time for far less reasons. Sadly, too many Republicans fear the wrath of negative media attention (which they will get anyway) and thus go along with very bad ideas for the sake of appearing bipartisan or supporting the president in his early days. This is why a Tax Cheat is now head of the IRS and a clown is now in charge of the Department of Homeland Security.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

NYC Tea Party.

Notes from the NYC Tea Party
Today I attended the NYC Tea Party at City Hall. There were easily several thousand people there (13,000). While I have witnessed countless protests, this was the first I ever participated in. Below are some quick notes and pictures from the experience :[sorry, they are not in any particular order].

I was not alone:
Although I had planned to go with a friend, I ended up attending alone. Once there I easily mingled with so many people who share my disgust with the wasteful spending, outrageous and and punitive taxes and the general incompetence of government today. I was very surprised to find so many people who , like me, were participating in a protest for the first time.

Come on, make some noise!
As one who has witnessed many left wing protests, I have to say, we Tea Partiers need to open up a little more. Yeah, people hollered here and there, but that loud rhythmic chant that lefties make simply was not there. Even I took a little time before I started hollering. We need to get past this.

There were some clever signs there. My favorite read “Tea Parties Today, Tar and Feathers Tomorrow”! There were way too many T.E.A (Taxed Enough Already) signs.

No surprise that the crowd was predominately white. I was surprised by the large number of Hispanics and Asians. From where I as standing (way in the back, sorry got there late) I could only count 12 blacks including myself, with the majority being female (8 Females, 4 Males). Come on brothers and sisters, we have to do better than that.

Clearly the best ones were the everyday folks that got plucked from the crowd. These people seem to have the exact words to describe the emotions of the day. The scheduled speakers and MC seemed to be trying to pump up the crowd rather than expressing any real sentiment. Newt Gingrich got the biggest reception. In NYC? Who would have thought?

Class and Age:
What ever was lacking in racial diversity was clearly made up in economic and age diversity. There were upper income white collar types easily mingling with middle class blue collar types. Ages ran the gambit from teens to seniors. I was surprised by the large number of middle class house wife types. They seemed to be the most active, waving signs and chanting.

Liberal photogs:
There were quite a number of liberal photographers there. You could pick them out like pepper grains in the salt shaker. They had that whole anti Globalization protester look about them, plus they seemed removed from the event. I did not have to worry about them snapping my picture, because the last thing a liberal would want would be to showcase blacks at a predominately conservative rally.

Things I did not get:
There was a small group of Obama supporters who were against all the spending but still supported Obama. They seem to blame Congress but not the President, go figure. The layout of the protest was also a mystery to me. City Hall in NYC sits on its own block. The stage could have been set in the park and the protesters could have ringed the park. Instead, the stage and half the protesters were on one side of Broadway and another batch of protesters were on the other side. Seemed like a huge disconnect. There was a lone guy there with a sign that equated gay marriage with the fair tax, I am still scratching my head over that one.

Thank goodness, no corny costumes!
At liberal protests, you cannot swing a cat without hitting some clown in some crazy get up. Thankfully there were precious few there. There was a dude in an Uncle Sam costume and shorts (it was freezing too) and someone with some kind of face paint way up front (I could not tell what it was, I left my glasses at home).

From the masses comes the one:
This is a quick thought I had about the Tea Parties in general. There is clearly an anti government-same-old-same sentiment out there in America. Anyone who can clearly voice it and tap into the strong emotions tied into it, could easily unite these Tea Parties into a solid mass movement. Such an individual would be a juggernaut come 2012. Now wouldn't that be Change? One of us, the ordinary, leading our great nation and ushering in the return of common sense.

So now what?
The main feeling I am left with after my first Tea Party is, now what? Where do we go from here? The ball is clearly in government’s court. Does it follow the media’s lead and dismiss this these Tea Parties as nothing more than Astroturf or does the government heed the voice of the people and halt in its march to madness? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009: Get Your Tea On!

Today is tax day. Today is last day to fire up the Turbo Tax and submit your forms to the IRS. No doubt you will be feeling the usually anxiety, the usual disgust and this year the unusual irony that the IRS is now in the hands of a Tax Cheat!

Before sealing those envelopes and mailing them out, take a long hard look at those forms. Do you see what you are forking over to Uncle Sam this year? Ask yourself, what could you do with a good portion of that money? Would you pay off a credit card or cut the balance in half? Would you add it to your bank account as a safety net as the job market continues to sour? Perhaps, there are some home repairs that you just have to put off until whenever. Maybe you could take that vacation you could not afford last summer. Whatever, your want or need would be, know this… it ain’t gonna happen!

Instead, that money is now destined to pay for the $20 billion we threw away on the auto industry that is now going to bankruptcy anyway. That money is now going to pay for the $100 billion AIG paid to foreign banks! That money is now going to pay for the $210 million in bonuses at Fannie and Freddie, despite the fact they are part of ground zero of our economy’s woes. Your dreams of a summer vacation is up in smokes because $1.7 million is urgently needed to find out why pigs stink in Iowa!

If you are offended by the waste of your hard earned money, be you Democrat, Republican or Independent, then do something about it! Attend a tea party today! Can’t make one because of work? Fine, rip the string and tag off a tea bag and include it with your tax return! Let Washington know that you, your children and your children’s children are not cash cows! You work hard for your dreams and your children’s futures. You do not drag yourself out of bed everyday to slave away paying for failed businesses, incompetent borrowers, lazy freeloaders or cornball pork projects!

Let Washington know in no uncertain terms STOP THE TAXING AND STOP THE SPENDING!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello, Barak Obama? Jerry Springer calling! [UPDATED]

Last week we witnessed the left’s newest attack against Governor Palin. The line of attack, was what I call “The Jerry Springerization of Sarah Palin”. Basically, Levi Johnston the father of her new grandson Tripp, had been goaded into making talk show appearances and letting out so called “details” of life with the Palins. His tacky mother and creepy sister were in tow for good measure. Needless to say, the media and leftwing bloggers did their progressive civic duty and began lampooning and labeling Governor Palin as Jerry Springer material.

Well, what a difference a week makes. On Sunday, news broke that yet another Obama family member has fallen out of his shady family tree. This one, Samson Obama, Half Brother #672, was denied entry into the UK in January, because […get ready for this] back in November, he gave a false name to the police after being arrested for attempting to sexually assault a group of young girls! Oh, and do you want to know where Half Brother #672 was going? Why to Half Brother #1’s Inauguration of course. Jerry Springer could not have asked for better material!

Actually, Jerry could do a week long special on the Obama clan. In addition to Half Brother #672 , there is Half Brother #425 (George Hussein Onyango Obama) who makes less in one year than the $13 a week “tax cuts” we’re suppose to be getting. ( I would give him my $13 a week, but as a self employed small business guy, all I am getting is some kind of bridge and road thingy). Plus, we should not forget Auntie Grifter (Zeituni Onyango), the illegal alien living off the public dole in Boston! Never mind the fact that there is a big old empty house in Chicago, were she could stay for free until we finally find a way to kick her out for good.


Today Half Brother #672 said he was sorry:
The question here is, would he have said sorry if his last name wasn't Obama and this story didn't make it into the newspapers? Let's not forget, the assault happened in November and he was denied entry in January. So Samson Obama, what took you so long?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Movin' On Up: ZoNation

Well, well, well, the brother is movin' on up! AlfonZo Rachel is now part of Pajamsmedia. For those of you who do not know AlfonZo Rachel, he is a black conservative that lit up YouTube with his very conservative rants. Liberals detested the brother obviously, but conservatives loved his no nonsense common sense. He is a straight talker, as the video above shows. You can read his history and catch his earlier clips at his website Macho Sauce Productions (yeah, he explains what is Macho Sauce).

While I do like his new setup with Pajamasmedia, I must admit I miss his old homemade efforts with the stark cinder block backgrounds and the incorrect white balance settings. Those things added a certain sense of "keeping it real". No matter, the brother still has a way with words.

Congressional Black Caucus: Useful Idiots

As a conservative, I find little to agree with when it comes to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). As a black conservative, I find them mostly despicable! What could be a significant and important caucus in congress, is nothing more than the official race card dealers of the DNC! Just when I thought my opinion of them could not sink any lower, they stunned me by donning the cloak of Communist Shills!

Just as Lennin described his Useful Idiots, seven members of the CBC went down to Cuba to meet with Castro, they swallowed every last drop of his communist propaganda, then promptly came back to the US and barfed it across the airwaves!
Of course no trip by the CBC would not be complete without a least one race card being dealt. True to form, they did not disappoint.
Of course they denied it, but you know and I know, we have heard that tired old song and dance over here from the CBC way too many times.
What I find particularly galling is that the CBC is forever talking about perceived oppressions in America but when faced with the real thing in Cuba, the didn't see nada! Myriam Marquez from the Miami Herald, calls these seven jokers out perfectly! Marquez, labels these CBC members The Clueless Seven, and points out their blind eyes effectively.
Why was the CBC members so blind? Because they are not married to principle, rather they are married to the liberal agenda and in this case the agenda calls for smoothing the road to lift the embargo. Don't ever let me catch one of these seven calling anyone an Uncle Tom!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Charles Lollor: Now here's a bother that I support!

This is Charles Lollar, chairman of the Charles County Republican Central Committee, speaking at Solomon's Island Tea Party in Maryland. Check it! Not a teleprompter in sight! Michael Steel could do with a sit down with Charles, maybe then he won't get all tripped up with questions about Rush Limbaugh.

Levi Johnston: Useful Idiot.

There was a time in American high schools when they actually taught history. Had Levi Johnston been in school then, he would have learned the meaning of the term “Useful Idiot”. The term comes from Soviet Marxist Valdimir Lennin. He used it to describe Westerners who would do the Soviets bidding by singing the praises of communism at home while being completely blind to the Soviets true agenda. Nothing could describe Levi Johnston better.

As young Levi, makes the tabloid TV circuit bashing the Palin family, seeking quick bucks and his 15 minutes of fame, he is completely blind to the fact that he is being used to further the left’s assault against Governor Palin. Goaded on by leftwing operatives and a sleazy family, Levi goes on to tell the world he wants to be a model. Too bad his goal is not something more lasting and noble like being a model dad to his son.

On the Tyra Banks show, poor Levi lamented that Bristol won’t let him take the baby anywhere (boo hoo) and that his relationship to the Palin family went south after the election. Could it be that the Palins realize that the Johnston family is no place for young children? (By the way, notice the timing of Mommy Johnston’s arrest? Perhaps this is why things have gone south between the Johnstons and the Palins after the election).

But Levi, ever the gentleman, went on to tell about staying in the Palin home with Bristol in such a way that the left now believes that Palin was condoning teen sex in her home. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything the Palins were trying to break up Bristol and Levi very early on.

The March 30th People Magazine article on Gov. Palin contained this revealing paragraph:

Tom Whitstine Jr., a longtime co-worker of Todd's, believes the Palins have also opposed the Bristol-Levi romance, at least in the past. Last year her parents sent her to Anchorage to do her junior year of high school and live with Sarah's sister Heather Bruce. "Basically, they were trying to limit her contact with Levi, trying to be good parents," says Whitstine. "The method didn't work out. Now he's part of Tripp's family forever."

I don’t think the Johnston family TV circus is going to last much longer. On the CBS’s “The Early Show”, while Levi and his creepy sister Mercedes, were trying to defend themselves against the charge that they are not “White Trash“, Mercedes Johnston pretty much ended the Johnston’s family’s usefulness to the left by telling the world the Johnston’s agenda. Here is the money quote from Mercedes:

I mean, look what they're doing. They're lying, trying to save themselves when they're the ones that asked for it. They brought him to the campaign. They should have known what was coming. They can't turn around and try and take it back now.

What should the Palins have known, Mercedes? That there would be a Johnston family shakedown for dollars? That your family all are attention whores? That you all had a plot to capitalize on Levi and Bristol’s relationship from the get go? Whatever the answer is, that little quote will be used to dismiss almost anything the Johnston clan have said or will continue to say and that dear Johnstons make you useless to the left.

Clearly, Mr. Johnston doesn’t realize the long term damage he is doing with his relationship with his son. He is also blind to the fact that many Alaskans (and Lower 48ers) love the Governor and will treat him and his family like a pariahs. The Left will soon cut the Johnstons adrift and they will be left to deal with these lasting issues all by themselves.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fantasy vs. Reality.

Barak Obama , Sunday April 5, 2009, Prague:

I have one thing to say to Obama about that statement, “actions speak louder than words“! If this is Obama’s dream, one would imagine that some serious diplomacy is going to be needed to influence those nations that are rapidly trying to get or spread nuclear technology.

To date, the Obama Administration has not shown a very strong hand with diplomacy. Just this week, North Korea tested a long range missile capable of carrying a nuclear payload and hitting Alaska or Hawaii. What was the Obama Administration’s response? Obama’s official statement was; "Rules must be binding. Violations must be punished. Words must mean something," and then he promptly ran to the UN, like the teacher's pet snitching on the bad kids. To make matters worse the very next day Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announces that we are cutting spending on missile defense.

The one big stick we could possibly use against North Korea’s ambitions for long range missiles, has now been broken in half by Obama’s insane military spending cuts. Beefed up missile defense for our western most states or our allies (South Korea and Japan) who could be threatened by North Korea, has now been scaled back by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates as per Obama’s requested cuts.

Some argue that North Korea using long range nuclear weapons against us is highly unlikely. While this argument has some merit, it doesn’t answer another likely scenario. The scenario of North Korea selling it long range missile technology to a nation that would use it against us. Iran immediately comes to mind. Iran which is run by Islamic extremist, are racing toward getting nuclear technology. Their tactic of buying time by entering and exiting diplomatic talks have proven very successful for them.

The real threat comes from the fact that Islamic extremists are not deterred by the notion of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). This is because for the Islamic extremist, the survival of Islam takes precedence over the survival of their nation. Therefore losing Tehran in a nuclear exchange is acceptable so long as it advanced the causes of Islam as they see it. So to deter a nation with this kind of belief, the passive role of having a large nuclear stockpile will not do. Instead a more proactive approach is required (I.e. missile defense, aggressive diplomacy and stopping their plans early). Currently the Obama Administration is doing none of these.

So while Obama claims not to be naïve and dreams that “yes we can have a nuclear free world”, reality is taking a very different and dangerous tract.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The New Engines of Socialism?

I stumbled across an opinion piece in at the Wall Street Journal today. The article "Obama Wants to Control the Banks", by Stuart Varney tells of how repayment of TARP money is being rejected by the Obama Administration from institutions it wishes to control.

After getting over the initial shock of this, it got me thinking. Because these banks and car companies are on the hook with TARP and bailout money, the government now has unprecedented say in all of these companies' affairs. The government can dictate what cars to make, who they should merge with and soon who the banks should lend to.

I also see another reason why the Administration would want to reject repayments, they could have a possible new revenue stream for government programs. Last week, Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner asked for outrageous new powers for the Treasury. The new powers would literally give the government direct control of all kinds of activities in companies, all in the name of managing "systemic risk" (a term still yet to be fully defined).

If given these new powers, what would stop the government from running these newly controlled companies in such a way, that they would be profitable enough to do the government's bidding and make interest payments, but never profitable enough to pay off the principle of their loans? Could the interest payments not serve as a new source of revenue? Revenue that could help pay for a massive entitlement program like a single payer health care system? One of the biggest arguments against a single payer system is the cost. But what if the cost was eased by millions in interest payments from government run companies? Would not the argument and the taxpayer outcry go away or be significantly diminished?

Now imagine such revenue becoming regular and necessary. These banks and car companies could never be "set free" without causing "systemic risk" (there is that term again) to the economy in the form of jeopardizing the health care system or massive increases to the taxpayer. Even with Republicans in full control of the government, such a knot could not be untied without major disruptions and Democrats would have a valid argument against it. In effect we would be permanently stuck with a socialist system.

Obama and the Democrats have a once in a generation chance of making their long held dreams come true. If they are successful in executing them, why would they not try to make those changes permanent?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great Orator my foot!

The great Obama was asked a question today by a BBC reporter (not from the fawning American Press). To make things worse, TOTUS was no where in sight to bail his ass out. Here is the stumbling and halting exchange.

Nick Robinson, BBC: "A question for you both, if I may. The prime minister has repeatedly blamed the United States of America for causing this crisis. France and Germany both blame Britain and America for causing this crisis. Who is right? And isn't the debate about that at the heart of the debate about what to do now?"

Barack Obama: "I, I, would say that, er ... pause ... if you look at ... pause ... the, the sources of this crisis ... pause ... the United States certainly has some accounting to do with respect to . . . pause ... a regulatory system that was inadequate to the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system ... pause, close eyes . I think what is also true is that ... pause... here in Great Britain ... pause ... here in continental Europe ... pause ... around the world. We were seeing the same mismatch between the regulatory regimes that were in place and er ... pause ... the highly integrated, er, global capital markets that have emerged ... pause. So at this point, I'm less interested in ... pause ... identifying blame than fixing the problem. I think we've taken some very aggressive steps in the United States to do so, not just responding to the immediate crisis, ensuring banks are adequately capitalised, er, dealing with the enormous, er ... pause ... drop-off in demand and contraction that has taken place. More importantly, for the long term, making sure that we've got a set of, er, er, regulations that are up to the task, er, and that includes, er, a number that will be discussed at this summit. I think there's a lot of convergence between all the parties involved about the need, for example, to focus not on the legal form that a particular financial product takes or the institution it emerges from, but rather what's the risk involved, what's the function of this product and how do we regulate that adequately, much more effective coordination, er, between countries so we can, er, anticipate the risks that are involved there. Dealing with the, er, problem of derivatives markets, making sure we have set up systems, er, that can reduce some of the risks there. So, I actually think ... pause ... there's enormous consensus that has emerged in terms of what we need to do now and, er ... pause ... I'm a great believer in looking forwards than looking backwards.

Kind of reminds you of someone?

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