Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Gardasil Gambit: Better Bachmann today than Obama tomorrow

I have been reading the reaction from the right regarding Michele Bachmann’s attack on Rick Perry over his HPV injection executive order. I have read a lot of commentary and comments that seem to show that many conservatives are down on Bachmann for doing this.

While I do have a problem with some of what Bachmann has done, I generally think her attack is a good thing. Here is why.

First, Bachmann is absolutely correct to drag Perry over the coals for issuing the executive order in the first place. Have we not all spent the last three years railing against government overreach? Well, Perry’s executive order is text book government overreach and Perry’s saying "my bad" doesn’t change the fact.

Second, Bachmann is also correct to raise the issue of crony capitalism. Just the fact that it is coming out today that Perry has received more than the $5,000 from Merck (as he said in the debate) should be enough for use to dig deeper into this issue. If there was a quid pro quo, then let’s sniff it out now and not have such a thing come back and bite us later.

Finally, Bachmann’s demagoguery of the Gardasil issue by retelling this story about a mother who claims her child became mentally retarded because of the injection, is in excusable. Bachmann is damaging her own credibility in the process. However, by unfairly attacking Perry on this ground, Bachmann is providing us a glimpse of how Perry will respond to the unfair attacks that are sure to come in the general election. Let us not forget that Obama and the media will employ all kinds of dirty attacks against whomever the GOP nominee is. It is far better to learn now if Perry has glass jaw than to find out after we are stuck with him.

While we may all cringe at the sight of Republican’s trampling Reagan’s 11th Commandment, a rough and dirty primary is exactly what will be needed in 2012. We need to be absolutely certain that our nominee will be able to withstand “The Palin Treatment” that is sure to come during the general election.

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FIREBIRD said...

I really hate to see the Republicans eating their own this early in the race but Bachmann is going down like a sinking ship and she has no choice. Perry was wrong with the E.O.on the vaccine BUT no one has mentioned all the shots every school child is required by the government to get before they enter school. Perry has admitted the WAY he went about this was wrong and if there is a money trail he's in deep doodoo (The previous Democrat to head the NC Legislature was an optometrist and he got legislation passed that every child had to have an eye exam before entering school - he's in jail now) Perry's response on this - should he survive and become the Republican candidate - needs to be: UNLIKE THE PRESIDENT, I CAN ADMIT WHEN I MAKE A MISTAKE AND TAKE STEPS TO FIX IT!

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