Monday, March 30, 2009

Teflon Palin: Another backfire in the making. Part 2

Just a few short days ago, I said the Democrats weren't going to take a lefty blogger's advice and leave Governor Palin alone. Well, score one for me, two stories out today says that Obama's Flying Monkeys (James Carville and Rahm Enmauel) are going to try to go after Governor Palin as they did Rush Limbaugh! Considering how the Rush Limbaugh attacks worked out for them, you would think they would know better than to attack Palin.
Over at they see four reasons why this will backfire on the Democrats.
  1. The Democrats risks making Governor Palin the automatic front runner in 2012.
  2. 41% of Independents (as per Pew Research) said they were turned off by the media's attacks on Palin.
  3. Attacking women is always risky business.
  4. Voters are expecting Democrats to lead not attack like the opposition party.

The take over at is that Governor Palin is minding her own business over in Alaska, attacking her will look gratuitous.

I have a different take. Until now, Governor Palin, has kept her mouth shut on national politics. The only real thing she has spoken about was the Stimulus Plan and only in the context of her state. Attacking Governor Palin will give her plenty of excuse to interject herself into national politics. Sarah Palin is a natural populist, given the underlying rage in the public right now, one common sense appeal coming from a perceived common man (or in this case woman) and Governor Palin could easily turn the tide against the administration. We need look no further than MEP Daniel Hannon's overnight success. With Rush Limbaugh the Democrats were playing with matches, with Governor Palin they could be playing with an H-Bomb! Stay tuned!


joachim said...

Hey Clifton,
Just found your site.
Great Work

Clifton B said...

Thanks, Joachim. I am glad you like it, come back often.

The Black Sphere said...

I couldn't agree more Clifton. Palin will be a serious threat in 4 years. She will be more seasoned, and will be radiation-hardened.

She knows these attacks are because the liberals fear the truth getting out about a Conservative woman, who is willing to clean her laundry in public, and it comes out smelling like Gain! Fresh and clean.

Pregnant daughter, child with disability, etc. She is the poster child for Pro-Choice, pro-family, and pro-woman!

They'd better not let the word get out on her...oops, too late!

So expect more of this. However as ObamaNation continues to wreck the economy, and we win back lots of seats, Palin will slowly make a steady gain.

I expect her to be a player, though she may not lead the ticket.

Great blog, and I like what you are doing!

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