Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I Will Never Drink The Kool Aid [Part 1]

Upon telling other blacks that I am a conservative, the first thing they say after recovering from shock and awe is WHY? This is never an easy question to answer, not because I don’t have a clue, but rather because the person asking the question doesn’t have 5 hours to hear the full answer!

In this series of posts I will attempt to fully answer the question in under 5 hours, promise! So sit back, relax, grab a cup of Joe and here we go.

Admitting a simple truth.

First, we begin with something that many blacks know but will not admit. They have strong conservative beliefs. Some have strong social beliefs (e.g. Pro-Life or pro religion). Some are fiscally conservative (hates taxes) and some are both. Despite these beliefs, the vast majority of them blindly drink the Kool Aid and pull the “D” lever each and every time. But why?

Blacks vote for Democrats for two reasons. First, is that they bought into the notion offered by white liberals, that blacks are societal victims. They are told that the problems in their lives today stem from the residual effects of slavery and covert systemic racism. The second reason, is that blacks are sold on the idea that they are the little guy and need help in “leveling the playing field”!

I chose a different path. I stayed true to my conservative beliefs and values. I see my place in life more as a result of what I did or failed to do. While I see myself as a little guy, I think the best the government can do for me is to get out of my way, so I can someday become one of the big guys!

The origins of my beliefs.

I got my conservative beliefs from my family. I come from a family that has a strong work ethic, believed in taking responsibility for their actions, strongly believe in God and truly loves this country. Growing up I was shown these beliefs everyday. I saw my parents rise early and head out to work everyday. They took me to church every Sunday and showed great respect to the Lord. They put their faith only in their own abilities and the Lord. I saw my parents take great pride in the things they earned, and the way they presented themselves and the family. They showed their love for this nation by serving in the armed forces and never missing their opportunity to vote.

These values and beliefs stuck with me. They became my core. They are neither blackor whitem but rather they are universal. The never go out of vogue, they do not require constant updates and they have served me well in the past. I use them everyday to make my way in life with decisions big and small. So, when choosing a representative in government, why would I choose someone who does not share these beliefs and values?

To be continued:

Why I Will Never Drink The Kool Aid [Part 2]: Values and the two major parties.

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Boetie said...

I really enjoyed this and look forward to the next installment. It speaks volumes of your character, that you are true to your beliefs in the face of social pressure to abandon them.

I think this is also part of why the left hates Sarah Palin on such a deeply personal level. She too has also remained true to herself, despite liberal preconceptions about what a woman should believe. Character like yours and hers can never be bought and sold, and will never compromise just to be popular. Have you ever thought about going into politics? ;) Your kind of integrity is needed now more than ever.

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