Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Do As I Say, Not As I Do Report:

If there is one thing I cannot stand about Washington elites, it is the way they hand down rules, regulations and marching orders to We The People and then don't follow them themselves. Like Joe Biden telling us how it is now patriotic for us to pay higher taxes, then having a bunch of tax cheats appointed to the administration.

Well folks, here is yet another elitist following the “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” mantra. It appears Al Gore had all kinds of electronic goodies running inside his palatial Tennessee estate during Earth Hour! That’s right, We The People from the unwashed and ignorant masses were told to turn off our Pcs, televisions and so forth for one hour and sit in the dark like cavemen in order to save the planet. Meanwhile, Al Gore, who gets praised to the high heavens for his science fiction movie An Inconvenient Truth gets to party like it’s 1999! Hypocrisy thy name is Gore!

This isn’t the first time Al Gore has been caught out there with a size 15 carbon footprint. He has been caught using too much electricity at his mansion, taking private jets and riding in SUVs. He defends his elitist hypocrisy by saying he buys carbon offsets to make up for his indiscretions. Tell you what Al, instead of spending money on those carbon offsets, why don’t you pay my rising taxes instead? You can pay them in person at the US Treasury, that way you and the other hypocrite Geither can discuss the meaning of the word gall!

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