Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where is our Daniel Hannan?

Just in case you missed it, here is the video of Daniel Hannan Member of the European Parliament, calling out British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his wasteful spending and deception of the British people. After watching this stirring video, I have but one question for my fellow conservatives on this side of the pond. Where is our Daniel Hannan?

I think back to Governor Bobby Jindal’s rebuttal to Obama’s address to Congress and I cannot help but wonder where we would be today if he dropped the silly sing song voice and touchy feely rhetoric and just straight up called out Obama’s Stimulus Plan for exactly what it was? A gross, reckless and irresponsible waste of tax payer’s money at a time of great economic uncertainty! Perhaps if Jindal had taken this approach we would not be considering giving the Turbo Tax challenged tax cheat Tim Geitner unprecedented powers to regulate companies!

If there is an American Daniel Hannan out there, please step up to the plate now, we need you man!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hannan: Please move to the States. We need you!

Gary said...

Well said Cliff, he's what we need.

Maybe a call to Alaska is needed!

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mr. Hannan would be a Sarah Palin supporter

Clifton B said...

To Neane: You Betcha!

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