Friday, March 27, 2009

Teflon Palin: Another backfire in the making?

The backfired Anti-Limbaugh plan reminds me of a blog I read yesterday on Talking Points Memo, about how the left’s insane and intense attacks on Sarah Palin could very well backfire on them in 2012. Basically, the blogger warns Democrats that all of these attacks, smear jobs and so forth are only keeping the Governor in the news and that four years from now, their smears will amount to a big fat "so what". He/she uses Hillary Clinton as an example. Republicans kept up the drumbeat on Hillary for years and when she threw her hat into the ring, all the ammo against her was already used and defused. Judging from the comments on the blog, the Democrats are not going to listen to this warning.

I have to admit I see some truth in this. I would have sworn Hillary was dead meat when the ‘08 election started. I thought how could such a scandalized candidate ever stand a chance? Yet there she was, the early frontrunner at the start of the Democratic primaries, holding her own against all of the Republican challengers in early polls and dogging Obama’s campaign to the very end. Could the same happen to Palin in 2012?

Quite possible, despite the onslaught she faced throughout the campaign and right up to today, Palin’s poll number in Alaska are still quite impressive.
All of these attacks on Palin serves as a pre-election vetting process. When new attack comes out, they are being answered by the Governor, SarahPAC and Pro Palin sites like and If this keeps up, what will be left to use against her in 2012?

Furthermore, many of the Democrats’ attacks against Palin seem to hit the very middle class that Democrats say they support. For example, Bristol’s baby. Many lefties try to paint Palin as a bad mother, because her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock. Well, how many hard working middle class families face the same situation? Are they now all bad parents? What about those cracks at Trigg? Last time I checked, Palin wasn’t the only person in America with a Special Needs child (this attack will prove really unpopular, case in point, Obama’s quick 180 on his Special Olympics crack).

All in all, I see the whole “bring down Sarah at all costs” effort, creating a Teflon Palin. A Sarah Palin who only has to worry about bringing her A- Game and not worried about answering four year old smears. Time will tell, Game On!


Anonymous said...

Excellent piece. I have often thought this myself. It seems the left smear machine is trying so hard, and they still have to rehash the old smears regarding the Couric interview, troopergate, and the Russia comment. The left would not dare bring up the "Hanging out with terrorists" comments because most everyone now knows those warnings were very true. Is this empty rhetoric from 08 what we will still be hearing as a reason not to support Palin in 2012. Who wants to bet the clothes are brought up again in 2012! HA! What losers.

Clifton B said...


You just know they will rehash that clothes thing to death. Just look at now, people are losing faith in Obama and what do they do, start talking about what Bush did!

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