Friday, August 6, 2010

Elena Kagan confirmed

Elena Kagan was confirmed yesterday.  Since she is replacing another liberal I cannot get too worked up over it.  Conservatives need to save the big fight in case a conservative justice must be replaced during Obama’s presidency.

The usual RINO suspects voted to confirm Kagan. 
Only five Republicans voted in favor of Kagan’s nomination. Last year, just nine Republicans voted for Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Obama’s first Supreme Court appointee.
Today’s yes votes included Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., the lone Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee to support Kagan when the panel recommended the nomination to the full Senate on a 13-6 vote. Other GOP yes votes came from Richard Lugar of Indiana, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire.
Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass, one of Kagan’s home state senators, voted against her. 
It would be wise for conservatives to start putting pressure on these RINOs now, so that in the event a major appointment battle comes, these bone heads won’t capitulate like they always do.


Linda said...

Our President of the United States had a great couple of months;

1. Financial reformed passed, thanks to “Tea Party Approved” Senator Scott Brown (R-MA)
2. AZ SB1070 (written by Neo Nazi lover, Russell Pearce and private prison giant Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) lover, Jan Brewer, both “Tea Party Approved” ) fails in court when legally challenged.
3. CA Prop 8 (financially supported by San Diego businessman Terry Caster, owner of A-1 Self Storage, Company, San Diego businessman Doug Manchester owner Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel and the Grand del Mar, Church of Latter Day Saint (LDS/ Mormons), Catholic Church, both “Tea Party Approved”) fails in court when legally challenged, the judge appointed by Ronald Reagan.
4. Elena Kagan Confirmed to Supreme Court, (63 to 37, with the help of Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Judd Gregg, and Richard Lugar, could they all be “Tea Party Approved”? I wonder.
5. Another Birther lawsuit (Captain Pamela Barnett, V. Barack Obama) and “Tea Party Approved”, was dismissed.

Happy Birthday Mr. President, even though belated, keep going, you are doing great and I am personally enjoy that the so called “Tea Party” is taking it so well. Love it.

Stogie said...

Yes, Linda, those who want to destroy the United States of America have had a great month, and apparently that's just fine with you.

So now we have a militant Marxist on the Supreme Court with ZERO judicial experience, who is as unqualified for that high post as she is ideologically rigid.

The "balance of powers" is no longer in effect and I reluctantly must conclude that it is time for individual states to simply refuse to go along with Supreme Court decisions, and to consider nullification or even secession.

Solis said...

"Yes, Linda, those who want to destroy the United States of America"

Stop right there. Do you honestly believe that Barack Obama and most of Congress are honestly out to destroy America? Have you been so blinded by constant partisan bickering that you think the "other side" exists to take down America?

It's amazing that someone can be so ignorant. Aren't you aware that nullification and secession aren't allowed by the Constitution? So, you suggest that Conservative Americans tear the Constitution to shreds in order to uphold its honor. Makes perfect sense to me.

billd said...

i am genuinely concerned when the more extreme elements (people, philosophies, arguments) start to resonate - recall the bridge that collapsed via harmonic vibration...

but, presumably those that are right-oriented are amendable to fact, principle, logical argument, sane plans and policies; we need to coalesce, focus, engage

s v s: forget the histrionics - a perfect example argument slight-of-hand and "sound bite warfare"

(without doubt, some in the regime want to rent the fabric of America)

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