Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dems behaving badly, Part 623: Kansas City Dem attacks MOGOP videographer

Gateway Pundit: The Missouri Republican Party has released footage of a weekend assault against a MOGOP videographer perpetrated by one of Robin Carnahan’s staunch supporters… a Kansas City area Democrat leader.
The altercation took place on August 7 in a parking lot in front of the Clay County Democrat HQ while Carnahan was speaking inside. The leftist assailant gets in the face of the videographer and threatens to “knock the [explicative] out of you, boy.”
From the video: On August 7, a supporter of Robin Carnahan assaulted an MOGOP videograpger in the parking lot in front of a County Democrat HQ while Carnahan was speaking inside. The assailant has been identified as Bill Skaggs, the Kansas City mayor pro tem (1st district councilman) and former member of the State House of Representatives (1982-2002).
As reported by the Kansas City Star, Skaggs refused to apologize and falsely accused the videographer of being “belligerent.”
The Democrats sure are getting ugly these days.  This is only the tip of the iceberg; just wait until after they get routed in November. They will gin up the circular firing squad and have at each other.  Scenes like this will be repeated over and over again, but this time it will be Dem on Dem.


Anonymous said...

They are getting nasty because the camera[s] is no longer on their political enemies, people can buy cameras, recorded and put them online for the whole world to see instead of waiting for the MSM to tell us what to believe.

Technology is awesome, the equalizer. Maybe soon these leftist will try ways to "protect our innocent" by banning all recording in public, just like the KKK/Dems found ways to ban guns to prevent freed African Americans to protect themselves from lynch mobs.

2nd Anonymous

Gorges Smythe said...

It may have been in poor taste, but it wasn't much of an "attack." If we start crying wolf over crap like this, you can guess the ultimate outcome.

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