Thursday, August 20, 2009

Astroturfing Racism: The Tale of Two Videos.

I have to admit I wasn’t following the guy with the assault rifle story too closely. This is because I was willing to write the story off as liberal media hyperventilating over people exercising their 2nd Amendment rights in an open carry state. Well today, I stopped to take a closer look and imagine my surprise when I found out the guy with the AR-15 was a conservative brother. Hey after black conservative Kenneth Gladney getting a beat down from SEIU thugs, I would be packin’ too!

Here is what I found to be really interesting. Over at Hot Air, they have a video of MSNBC stirring the racial pot. Take a look at this video:

Notice how they only focus on the weapon, but not the person carrying the weapon? Then immediately jump to images of white people in the crowd, giving the impression that the person carrying the rifle is a white guy.

Now take a look at this video I found on Booker Rising:

It turns out that the brother is a Ron Paul supporter who staged the whole thing for two libertarian groups. Now why is MSNBC deliberately stirring the racial pot? Why go though that whole anger and racism bullshit when they knew damn well the man with the rifle was black just like Obama? It is absolutely sickening that there are people out there who feel the need to keep pushing racial tensions. MSNBC, appears to really want racism to the reason why people are angry at Obama. Never mind that he has push our debt to dangerous levels, never mind that he hasn’t even tried to live up to the high standards he promised, never mind that he suckered us with the stimulus, nope for MSNBC the only reason to hate Obama is because we are all racists.

While some racism still exists in America, do we really need a cable station astroturfing more of it? Shame on you MSNBC!

h/t Hot Air

h/t Booker Rising


Anonymous said...

I've come to the point that I expect nothing from MSNBC. It is a tabloid network devoted to race baiting and hucksterism; that is when they're not shilling for Obama. It is absolutely disgraceful.

SSG_E said...

MSNBC is a sad sad network. Journalism is dead in America. At some point I wonder if the media will ever wake up. I sure don't blame him for carrying an assault rifle after what SEIU did to the patriot in St. Louis.

The Conservative Lady said...

To purposely mislead their audience about who was toting the gun and then bring racism and assassination into the discussion is a disgrace and the three so-called reporters should lose their jobs. But then again, MSNBC is a state-run network, so why should we expect anything more. I give the man with the gun credit for standing up and being interviewed. He had a good answer for every question. I too can't blame him for carrying the gun after what happened in St. Louis.

Soloman said...

In the words of Barack Obama, MSNBC is guilty of "Bearing False Witness."

@eloh said...

It's a wonder the guy wasn't shot and made out to be some gangster.

Something really bad is going to happen and cameras will already be there . . .not that we have much of a Bill of Rights left anyway.

Clifton B said...


I know exactly what you mean. The few times I have been forced to watch MSNBC at liberal friends' home, I am appalled by the crap they put out. I actually sometimes feel embarrassed for my friends for believing that crap.

Clifton B said...


I know I would have been packing after seeing what happened to the black conservative in St. Louis. However the media will never see it that way. Way too many of them are wed to their ideology, truth in news be damned.

Clifton B said...



Clifton B said...


I agree what MSNBC did is criminal. There is enough racism around without falsely adding to it and stirring the pot. You are right the guy Chris handled himself well.

Clifton B said...


It is almost like they want something to happen, just to prove their own bias. Very sick.

Lisa Graas said...

I think the irony is hilarious. I'm sure the vast majority of tea partiers out there are thrilled to see this young black male with an AR-15 on his shoulder. Ohhh, sweet irony that while so-called "backward racist" Americans, who are quite literally rejoicing in the sight of a law-abiding black male carrying an assault rifle, the media shows its own racism.......while they accuse those who rejoice in this great sight of being the racists. Man, you can't make this stuff up.

God bless all law-abiding black males who carry assault weapons openly!

You're doing great work here, by the way, all in all. Excellent blog.

@eloh said...

It will happen. When they deem the time is "ripe".

History shows us the pattern, and yes it is sick, so very sick.

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