Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jesse Griffin: An Image Emerges

Following up on the failed Palin divorce rumor, bloggers R.S. McCain and Dan Riehl are researching and reporting on the anti Palin Alaskan blogger Jesse Griffin (Gryphen). Yesterday we learned that Jesse Griffin has resigned from his assistant kindergarten teacher’s position, no doubt much to the relief of many Alaskan parents.

The image emerging of Griffin is a rather disturbing one. Griffin appears to be a fellow who knows no limits when it comes to lying or sex. For Griffin there appears to be no bright yellow lines of good taste or morality. Just trying to follow all the conflicting stories he told surrounding his resignation from his teaching position, one can get a good sense of this guy’s ability to lie. See here and here.

To understand Griffin’s strange sexual views one need only read though his blog the Immoral Minority. Stunning quotes abound:

“All of the fun of sex is drained by making all of these rules and labels. If sex is not naughty then it is almost not worth doing. I love kids, but in my opinion they are just a side effect of a healthy sex life”.

Immoral Minority 6/14/07 Jesse Griffin

“You know the reason that many people enjoy adult movies is that it is sexy to watch people making love … I think that this trend towards real people having real sex is definitely the way to go. I always had a little guilt watching an adult movie and wondering if the female performer was a drug addict, or a victim of molestation, just prostituting herself to make a buck. I am not Jewish, so guilt and sex don’t really go together for me. But when you see a video of an amateur couple having sex you can tell that they are simply doing it for the sheer excitement of sharing their passion with a bunch of middle aged pervs who are going to wank off to their sexual exploits. Well great here comes that guilt again”

Immoral Minority 6/3/07 Jesse Griffin

“I am teaching my boys to wear dresses and swish when they walk because being ignorant or drug addicted is no longer a guarantee of being passed over. If your not willing to suck c*ck then pack up your going to Iraq”

Immoral Minority Jesse Griffin 08/02/05

There are even more such quotes to be found here.

After reading the quotes and following the lies, it is easy to see why Griffin chose to make up a rumor about the Palins divorcing. It is because of the intimacy. A marriage is the intimate sharing of two lives, so for a person like Griffin, attacking Palin on such an intimate subject would seem to fit. I am convinced that had the rumor been allowed to continue, Griffin would have no doubt made up all kinds of sexual reasons for the split. I am also willing to bet he had a hand in the old bogus rumor about both the Palins having affairs. That too seems fits his interests.

I find it very odd that his supporters seem unbothered by his comments. If you go to the Immoral Minority and read through the comments, no one seems alarmed or creped out by any of his statements. So myopic are they with their Palin hatred, that they readily accept all these disturbing things. It says a lot about the state of politics on the far left.

I find it surprising that McCain and Riehl’s reporting was able to uncover so much in just a few days. The pro-Palin blogs have been covering the Alaskan bloggers from the start and yet none of them have uncovered so much. Furthermore, McCain and Riehl’s reporting clearly proves the media’s bias. How is it that just two bloggers who are not even in Alaska right now can get the goods on Griffin, yet when the entire national media descended on Alaska last year, all they came away with were the lies the Alaskan bloggers told them? Not a single reporter even bothered to check to see exactly who it was telling these stories. Perhaps if they did we would not be living in a nation where the President of the United States asks Americans to rat each other out.


Josh Painter said...

"I find it very odd that his supporters seem unbothered by his comments."

Indeed. The sheer gullability of leftists to accept a lie without being presented with a shred of supporting evidence is nothing less than stunning to contemplate.

I wish I had a ton of Chrysler and GM stock to sell those folks...


- JP

Dymphna said...

"I'm teaching my boys.." What the devil does that mean?

Clifton B said...

Josh Painter:

I know exactly what you mean. No questions asked ever.

Clifton B said...


Can you believe that? Keep in mind Kindergarten school teacher ... creepy!

thirtynine said...

Just my two cents - this is one perverted individual! I hesitate to call him a human. I'm sure there's more to this story to be uncovered. By the way, some of the articles I've seen by some pro-Palin people have uncovered a lot of interesting information about George Soros and his Democrat party group of Alaska Bloggers he coerced into smearing pure drivel about Governor Palin by filing a continuous string of ethics charges. Didn't work, but they tried!

Clifton B said...


I have read the Soro's connection too at Sarah's Web Brigade. In addition check out the video Ethicsgate (search my blog for link).

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