Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Black Conservative’s FMJRA

Greetings readers and welcome to Another Black Conservative’s weekly Full Metal Jacket Reach Around (FMJRA). I have a little confession about this week’s FMJRA. I actually prepared this post Thursday night, because I am currently visiting family in Virginia. So if anyone linked to me after Thursday and I did not give you a shout out, let me know so I can include you in next weeks FMJRA. With that out of the way, here is this weeks Reach Around.

Linky Love

This week’s first bit of Linky Love comes from Reaganite Republican Resistance blog. Reaganite links to the Trust Common Sense ad. Next both Texas For Sarah Palin and The Book of Sarah linked to my post on the power of Palin on Facebook. A very interesting blog, that I recommend you checking out, Valley of the Shadow, links to my post on 44 New Jersey politicians getting caught in a sting operation. Chicago News Bench links to the Obama Joker Poster video (sadly the video was removed from YouTube, I MUST find another copy somewhere). Last but never least, My Voice on the Wings of Change blog links to MSNBC’s manufactured racism.

Black Conservative Linky Love

This week I only have one, but it is a really, really good one. Conservative Like No Other, has a must read on why she no longer identifies herself with the term “African American”. This is a topic I readily identify with and state why in my profile.

Blog Post of Interest

These are the posts that caught my attention this week.

Conservative Scalawag has a first hand account of the Centennial Park Health Care Rally complete with pictures!
Fatscribe, gives an excellent explanation on political street art and the Obama joker poster. This is way better than some of the stupid and biased explanations being offered by the MSM. I actually learned a lot!
Left Coast Rebel has made a very interesting find about a possible plant working with Barney Frank. Keep your eye on this one.

New Kids On The Block

These are new blogs that I have added to the blog roll. Check them out and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Ration Nation USA
The Wisdom of Solomon
Eppler Effect


namaste said...

thanks, clifton. it is much appreciated.



Mary M. Baker said...

Thanks Clifton B,

I appreciate the shout out. I need to check back each week to read these, this is great! Keep up the great work we need your tenacity on the blogosphere.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Clifton B! Thx much for the reach around. You are too kind, and keep up the great work! - Jg.

JSF said...


Thank you very much! You have a great Blog!

Keep on fighting the good fight!

Clifton B said...

You're very welcome.

Conservative Like No Other:
You're welcome. Your post was a Home Run to me. Let us know if American Thinker accepts it, OK

You're welcome. Like I said, I really learned something from that post.

You are welcome too. I really enjoyed reading your series about the Plague years.

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