Friday, February 4, 2011

Chris Christie vetoes bill to restore funding to Planned Parenthood

Life News: Following the release of a video that has received nationwide attention showing Planned Parenthood staff at a New Jersey abortion center helping alleged sexual traffickers cover up their crimes with abortions and STD testing, Governor Chris Christie has vetoed a bill funding Planned Parenthood.
new undercover video shows Planned Parenthood officials in New Jersey telling a pimp and his prostitute assistant how they can get abortions for young teenage girls who, Planned Parenthood officials are informed, are Asians in the country illegally and forced into the sex trade.  The staffer was later fired for her actions.
The Perth Amboy abortion center where the video is filmed is the second-largest Planned Parenthood center operated by Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey and the abortion business plans to double its number of abortion centers in the state.
Christie has already yanked state taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood but the state legislaturesent him a bill to restore the taxpayer funds.[MORE]
The New Jersey legislature must be dumber than a box of rocks.  In light of the Live Action video, did the legislature really think they still had leverage to get Christie to restore funding? Even if you are pro-choice, the incident at the Perth Amboy Planned Parenthood office should at least suggest a thorough investigation before any funds are restored.
Thankfully, an investigation is what seems to be coming.
National Review: Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey has fired the staffer in yesterday’s video. And the attorney general of New Jersey is calling for an investigation:
Attorney General Paula Dow asked the Division of Criminal Justice to investigate whether the manager broke any laws. “At first glance, I find these allegations to be very disturbing,” Dow said in a statement. Her spokesman Paul Loriquet said Gov. Chris Christie’s office and some legislators had referred the matter to her attention. 


Just Me said...

It is kind of funny what they put on his desk. You would think they would know better.
Pro-life/Pro-choice doesn't matter; there is no justification to federal funding of abortions.

Bastiat Fan said...

BRB. Gotta make popcorn...this whole Planned Parenthood thing is hugely entertaining.

Janelle said...

Clifton, you're a Jersey are folks you know reacting to Governor Christie? I've talked to a few folks who are winter Fl residents from Jersey (also are here for 6 mos. out of the year and pay no (state income tax).......they are loudly applauding.

Anonymous said...

A gov who have common sense to say "no." Wow.

Christie is not a governor for all conservatives. Some will not support him on certain things. But that's how he can get things done. If you waste your time saying things that makes EVERY single one in your base happy, you'll probably end up doing nothing useful to anyone in your base.

2nd Anony.

madmath1 said...

Planned Parenthood, there's an oxymoron since they promote NOTHING to the establishment of families and everything to the termination of them. Add the profit of their criminal enterprises like abortions to underage girls by adult men and prostitution, and they're worse than the mob.

The Vineyard said...

Just allowing him to veto this bill is making him a bigger deal everyday. Way to go Jersey Legislature. Either you guys really like this guy or you're political idiots.

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