Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Full Video: Shirley Sherrod’s comments to the NAACP

As we all know many things have come out about USDA Director Shirley Sherrod’s speech to the NAACP. This is the full video of her remarks. A few commenters on the previous post seem to think I was throwing Sherrod under the bus for racism. Perhaps if they actually read my post they would have seen I was only critical of Sherrod for her love of government largess and the full video doesn’t change my mind on that score. I did come down harshly on the NAACP for racism and that still stands too, because the audience is approving when Sherrod tells of how she initially discriminated against the white farmer.

I will be posting shortly about the various plot twist concerning Sherrod, the NAACP and the administration.


Anonymous said...

I did read your post, and you did throw her under the bus for perceived racism. It was the title of the darn post! Maybe you should actually do some news research instead of simply posting what other people put out there and making snide, rash comments. That's what real journalists do.

Unknown said...

No, you threw her under the bus. You fell for Breitbart's blatant lie and deception hook, line, and sinker. And like most conservatives commenting on it, you're not spinning your own initial reaction. Your first sentence about the issue was how they called out the tea party, and now they had some house cleaning to to themselves.
And as for your assertion that it was all about being a gov't employee, you act as if there's no purpose for people working in the gov't. I worked for the govt. I was in the military. Is that "rolling on the public nickel?" Obviously she has helped lots of people in her position, yet you still cling to the fallacy that gov't is welfare or something.

Bravo. And I can't wait to see what you make up regarding "plot twists" concerning Sherrod, the NAACP, and the administration. After all that is what your side does best.

Chris said...

Something aint right about this whole thing. Andrew Brietbart got only that edited part of the video first and then the whole thing. Maybe you should show Brietbarts resonce to give a better picture of what might have happened.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the main point, that the NAACP audience is in agreement with her initial racist comments?? That is what I took from all of this.

The NAACP audience did NOT know that the thrust of her story was going to change.

billd said...

abc - stand firm

there is no "yada yada yada" here; the recollection of the past event was a recollection of a racist mindset from the past that is apparently yet welcomed. (that's a period}

the revelation of one person's change-in-heart, is in fact, recognized, welcomed, and heartening; the reaction of the racist cabal (vice "community") is despicable but illuminating:

1) deciding that calling-out self-evident racist language and behavior is an indication of racism

2) create race victims (the firing with no hearing, no "don't do it again" warning, etc) and then claim the problem was forced by racism (see 1)

this looks to me like that BO people threw that lady under the bus so they could go to 3:

3) only ambulance-chasing race-hacks use blunt force trauma without due process and then whine that their racist opponents lack honesty and compassion(!) this is the way of the left

the punditry class (the adjuncts to the ruling class and one-off msm types) say that being called racist is one of the most devastating charges that can be leveled... what tripe and how shallow;

so i'm a racist - so what? whether so or not: if i violate the law, i should be held accountable; if my job performance is sub-par, i am subject to my employer's discipline; if my associates don't like it, they can shun me (tough bounce for the family)

Unknown said...

Bild, I have to give you some respect for such a wildly imaginative post. It looks like it took a lot of thought to spin this situation the way you just did. But the fact of the matter is, even conservative pundits and Fox News see this for what it is. They f*&^d up, and are now backtracking as this was such an egregious lie. But they rae staying true to form, creating another blame-game situation by saying that the Obama admin and NAACP threw her under the bus (I see you added this as well, so you're obviously following what Fox says to some extent), and that the conservatives are the ones really on her side, calling for her to get her job back and what not. I for one am quite happy Breitbart did this, as it shines a very, very bright light on the massive level of mendacity the right is capable of to gain the outcome they desire.

I really wish ABC would chime in and give us his thoughts.

Anonymous said...

What irritates me is P. BO's Dept of Justice and E. Holder dropping charges on a hate-filled provocater of violence from the new black panthers, yet firing Sherrod for statements made regarding her views from 24 years ago. What a farce! What a joke of an administration! P Bo was trying to make an example of her for his benefit. Brietbart was right to show the hypocrisy of the NAACP with their cheering on the unfair treatment of white citizens. That was the point of the release of the video. They are hypocrits and racebaiters of the worst kind. Liars, liars, liars!

AlphaKP: Once again, you blame FNC or conservatives. Cry baby, cry! It's plain and simple: the audience LOVED her bigotry!


Unknown said... are simply...lying. The New Black Panther non-story was a lie. Fox simply goes for the lowest common-denominator by going to the most emotional of hot-buttons...race. The pattern is clear for those who want to see it. If you don't want to see it, well, you'll post what you just did. Again, odd that when you can't defend sch heinous actions, your default tactic is to blend in another story.
This shows me two thing; 1-the right will lie to meet a goal.
2-that people are being dumbed-down to an incredible level when they are duped not once, but twice by edited video, and when presented with proof to the contrary, convince themselves that it's still true by attacking from another angle. Here it's "the audience liked it"

Highly weak. But again, not surprised.

rosewood59 said...

Her recollected "story" should not have been in her address to any group, black or white. The laughter by the assembled crowd was also inappropriate. She is guilty of poor judgement.

Aside form the drama, it looks like the MSM is awake and rattling their collective race sabers again. I'm watching that Idiot Rick on CNN. He really needed this blow-up. Good God, how many endless prime time hours will be devoted to this?

Anonymous said...

I've been going back and forth on this since this morning, and while I do believe Mrs Sherrod was attempting to explain her over coming her racial biases, I've heard some disturbing things. Mrs. Sherrod's husband Charles is connected to Bill Ayers, as a federal employee she is not legally able to discuss politics or endorse one party over another publicly. She and her husband filed and won a lawsuit against the USDA that is under investigation due to false claims about numbers that might have lead to a larger award than was warranted. Some have speculated that Obama wanted her fired as soon as she was brought into the spotlight, due to the suit being potentially embarrassing.

Andrew Breitbart didn't make up this video, he didn't edit it. I'm very curious as to who it was who sent it to him. Initially, I assumed it was an NAACP member who felt offended by the way his or her fellow members displayed approval at what they at first thought was an anecdote, boasting about discrimination. I can't help but wonder if it was sent by someone looking to set Breitbart up, or if it was sent by Charles Sherrod himself, or an associate looking to create something that would cause divisions among conservative black and white Americans.

Malcolm said...

Sorry Clifton, but I agree with Matthew Miracle. The title of the previous post tells me you were yelling "Go Greyhound!" in your quick judgment of Shirley Sherrod.

AlphaKP: I have really enjoyed the comments you've left on this and the previous post about Shirley Sherrod. Do you have a blog? If so, I'd love to check it out. Either way, shoot me an email at

Anonymous said...


There's something weird about your statement.

Calling out the big government wasting money doing things they are NOT SUPPOSED to do [like socialist welfare programs] is NOT against the military.

When was the last time anyone on the conservative side calling out big government and blame the military for spending?

Most conservative would agree there IS a purpose for SOME government employees [such as law enforcement, defense, military, etc] while the rest are waste of oxygen and tax payers money. So don't confuse anti-big government as "anti-military." They are fundamentally different.

2nd Anonymous

Hot Sam said...

Don't back off Ms. Sherrod one bit.

She was a public servant who abdicated her responsibilities, aggravated by racial discrimination. While her crime might have a statute of limitations, her faithless service does not.

Bear in mind that Ms. Sherrod referred this white farmer to his "own kind" in 1987.

It was 1987. This wasn't shortly after her father was murdered. This wasn't shortly after someone burned a cross on her lawn. This wasn't the days of segregation or Jim Crow. Ronald Reagan was President, Tip O'Neill was Speaker, and Thurgood Marshall was on the Supreme Court.

Yes, the shorter video didn't contain the redemptive speech at the end. But I'm not mistaken when I saw a smile on her face as she recounted that story. I didn't miss the hootin' and hollerin' of the crowd as they enjoyed her tale of payback. She spent the first 20 minutes talking about being a victim of racial oppression and then entertains the audience with a story of retribution.

She wonders why there aren't white faces in that crowd? Maybe it has something to do with the C in NAACP.

What was all that talk about the Chicken House about?

Oh, and then there's her political statements: applauding working with the Obama Administration and talking about struggling through the Bush Administration.

This woman's entire life - the goggles through which she views the world - is entirely colored by race. I find it difficult to believe she has not allowed her constant racial awareness to infect her professional judgment.

At the end, she even stereotypes black lawyers as "nickel and diming" people to death.

Let's play swap-the-race. If this were a white public official talking to a completely white audience about how he discriminated against a black man 13 years ago, how long would he keep his job? How many mainstream media networks would have seized on this story? How many race-baiting groups would have decried the audience as flaming racists?

Nobody has any reason to apologize to Ms. Sherrod. Her feint at redemption doesn't convince me she provides equal treatment. At best she's a power-drunk government bureaucrat. At worst she's a racist.

Breitbart doesn't need to apologize for taking anything out of context because the incident in question stands entirely on its own. Ms. Sherrod spoke sadly about how murder and oppression went unpunished. And she expects us not to punish her now for admitting discrimination?

She concludes her speech by talking about how she can get taxpayer money out the door. She's amazingly generous, helpful, and kind... with other people's money. Oh, except the "other kind" of people.

Hot Sam said...

You don't need to backtrack one bit.

Ms. Sherrod admitted to racial discrimination in the performance of her official duties. There is no statute of limitations on faithless service.

This did not happen in the depths of Jim Crow and segregation. It was not shortly after her father's murder or the burning of a cross on her lawn.

It was 1987. 1987.

Reagan was president, Tip O'Neill was Speaker, and Thurgood Marshall was on the Supreme Court.

Did she really bring up the Chicken House? Did she really stereotype black lawyers as "nickel and diming" people?

Ms. Sherrod spent 15 minutes talking about being the victim of oppression and then she brightly entertained the audience with a tale of retribution. They were hootin' and hollerin' in approval.

Her subsequent speech of redemption changes nothing. It is a pat on her own back for acknowledging she was wrong. I find it difficult to believe that this woman who spoke about little other than race for 45 minutes performed her duties without discrimination. Race is the lens through which she sees the world.

Then there's the gratuitous accolades for the Obama Administration and talking about suffering through George Bush.

The Breitbart clip took nothing out of context. The relevant facts which raise our contempt are entirely contained in those brief moments.

And what happened in the video at the 21 minute mark. It looks as though something was edited out.

Thanks for posting the whole video.

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