Tuesday, July 13, 2010

St. Louis Tea Party Condemns NAACP as “bigoted”

If the NAACP thought that it could play the race card against the Tea Party with the same effect it has against Congressional Republicans, the NAACP is going to be in for a rude awakening.

Before the NAACP could pass their anti-Tea Party resolution (away from the public eye), the St. Louis Tea Party got the drop on the NAACP and called the once respectable organization “bigoted”.

Unlike Congressional Republicans whose main concern is reelection, the Tea Party is free to push back against racial hucksters like the NAACP. The Tea Party can call out the NAACP and be as dismissive of the NAACP’s trumped up racial charges, as they want to be.

You know what?  It is about time. The NAACP has abused its illustrious past of good deeds for the sake of becoming the racial attack dogs of white liberals. In the last 18 months the race card has been played so fast and furiously that it is beginning to lose all meaning. The NAACP’s charges of racism no longer sound like the growl of a Pitbull, instead more and more they are starting to sound like the annoying yap of a Chihuahua.


maddmath said...

They're sounding more like the cocophonious sound of a dying moose.

crypticchika said...

Clifton (I hope you don't mind i am addressing you like I know you) but that is because I feel like I do..

Cliff, it should come as no surprise that all of obama's opposition would be painted as racist, even the black people who oppose his views, are seen as self hating racists..Hell, Im black and Punjabi Indian (very dark skinned)and for some reason, because I dont like Obama, AND HIS POLICIES, my opinions politically are discounted (like they don't really count) by MOST of the people i know (all my white friends, and some family)..For some reason white people have no clue about the inner racism/class-ism that affects the black community, and they think we should (and do) all stand united behind Obama, on some monolithic front, when the truth is,the black community is very diverse.. Obama has taken an already, divided black community and divided us even more, by pitting us against each-other, the same way they are doing ALL Americans.. When I am amongst other black obama supporters they automatically think any, black, non- Obama supporters MUST think they're better than other black people, AND we want to be white.. Amazing how the man who campaigned on uniting America, and moving on, has managed to polarize an entire country, and split an already divided black community.. The NAACP jumping on this issue will only help convince other (non-black and black Obama supporters) that all, or most black people feel the same, and that the NAACP's view point is correct ..

This is a shame, but all I can say about this article is: where was the NAACP when the senator who died recently (with ties to the KKK) why didnt the NAACP jump on the pics of him, in his david duke sheets, and point a finger to the racially divisive way to the democratic party?? Why weren't they out warning people of the racist ways of the left?? I dunno, God bless America, these new racial wedges affecting the black community, since Obama has took office, are VERY disappointing.. I'm dark skinned, and my ''black-ness'' HAS NEVER, been called into question, until Obama became president.. I have never been called a sell-out, but I have now, and other black people (some family) HONESTLY think I have sold out, because I dont like obama (so this guy Obama has really caused fights and problems, in my family because of this crap he is doing).. The NAACP jumping on-board with these claims of racism, will only help to drive a nail deeper into the situation, and further convince other black people, that ANY black person who doesn't walk lock step with the democratic party ARE SELL-OUTS..

Instead of people waking up to how divided our country and community are becoming (because Of Obama) the news, and other media outlets, will just make us hate each-other more, and articles like this, will just convince Obama supporters that their views are correct, these articles will only help to validate their viewpoints on, and of, black conservatives..

Thank you cliff for being a voice of reason, and one (of very few) black conservatives voices!! There is OBVIOUSLY a separate and divide tactic being played out on the good people of the united States.

Lipton T. Bagg said...

There are those whose forefathers once suffered under the whip who now yearn to grasp that same whip, and in sanctimonious fashion cast it down upon others. They have not yet grasped, or in some cases utterly reject, the reality that ALL racism is wrong.


Gorges Smythe said...

What truly amazes me is that most blacks don't know that the Democratic Party was the party of the majority of slave-holders and that it was southern DEMOCRATS that fought hardest against civil rights. Even MORE amazing is that when you tell them that, they really don't CARE! Likewise, when you tell them that the present-day Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party—they just don't care! I guess it just goes to prove that, white or black, truth has no value to a democrat.

Richie Rich said...

I like your website. I have an interesting article on mine re: the liberal plantation.


I tend to agree with your article re: the NAACP. Many on the left have never truly seen their black brethren as equals. They see them as a "group" to be humored, managed, who need to be "understood" or need their assistance.

No one would ever claim that the GOP has a totally clean record on the subject matter. However, it is rich that the party of slavery, the party of segregation (including forced military segregation by the epitome of tolerance Woodrow Wilson) now has the gall to claim they are the party of black America.

When you think about it, many of the formerly respectable elements of the civil rights movement have sold out their people for a seat at the table. What do they get for mindlessly smearing conservatives as racists, using scare tactics to keep "their people" in line?

Do they get relief for their constituents in failing city schools? Nope, the NEA makes sure that school choice is dead. Better to save union jobs that to give kids a chance.

Do they get support in the job market? No, instead they sell out jobs for their working class constituents to illegal immigrants whose nature also depresses wages.

Do they encourage responsibility? Nope, (and this applies to all races), the system rewards absentee fatherism. In a sense, they'd rather have constituents dependent on money from the government as it guarantees votes for them.

So, at the end of the day, for encouraging a culture of political conformity and mocking those who dare to go off the plantation--think and vote conservatively, they undermine their influence and the influence of those they are suppose to represent.

After all, if you are the Democratic party what incentive is there to give more than lip service. After all, they figure they black vote will never go to the GOP in significant numbers. Likewise, as a GOP what incentive is there for much outreach, when all you are met with is scorn? For the trouble, they will be given little electoral aid...

In a sense, by helping the Democrats keep much of black America on the Democrat plantation, the black leadership undermines their influence.

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