Friday, July 9, 2010

A quick word about New Black Panther Samir Shabazz

Quite a few of you have emailed me this video asking for my opinion. So let me just quickly lay out the points.

First, this video proves what we always expected, Shabazz and his friend were there to intimidate voters (White voters). When the video of Shabazz emerged on Election Day, many on the left want to claim that the right was over reacting to Shabazz. This is nonsense. His mission was clear, keep as many white voters away from the polls as possible. We can now see his true intentions

Secondly, I am not the tiniest bit shocked by what this guy says. I grew up in New York City and I have seen hateful fools like him all over the place. I have seen them in downtown Brooklyn, on Wall Street and right outside Macy’s at Herald Square.

What does surprise me about Shabazz’s public rant and other brothers who do the same, is how many people completely ignore them. Once in a while I will see a brother or sister stop to listen, but mostly everyone just passes them by. Only once did I ever see a white man challenge them. Despite all the tough talk, when the white guy answered that group back, they did not do a damn thing to him. I suspect that if someone challenged Shabazz, they would get the same reaction.

The DOJ letting Shabazz off the hook was a very bad thing. It will no doubt serve to embolden the New Black Panther Party by giving them a false sense of immunity. Given the strained race relations recently, I expect that a major clash is coming.

Video h/t: The Right Scoop 


Janelle said...

It is a pity that this fool didn't show up at a well run election site. It might have had a better ending.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

What I find troubling and rather confusing is the idea that it's okay to enforce laws against white people but not black people, that voter intimidation and other racist actions and calls to violence against white people are somehow given a pass. If we are ashamed of our racist past, of our unequal treatment of blacks (and I believe that we are, as a nation), then how is it then okay, even a good thing, to do the exact same thing to another group. I suppose the justification is that it's "payback." But does that really hold up? Is is okay to don the garb of your oppressor and become that oppressor? Isn't that exactly what Dr. King warned against?

And what the HELL is "cracker"? It sounds absolutely ridiculous (to the point that I actually giggled a little when I first heard this maniac say it). And very Archie Bunker/George Jefferson post-60's, early-70's time warp strange. Is that supposed to be an insulting term? Seriously, I'm asking.

k6whp said...


The guy is pathetic and it is just plain sad that people like him and the redneck clansmen get so chewed up by racial hared.

That said, Fuzzy Slippers asked an interesting question that sent me scurrying to Wikipedia to confirm my understanding. Of course, I was wrong. I had always thought that it referred to the cracker barrels prominent in Southern general store around which a number of red-necks would stand and chew the fat.

The ominous derivation of course, is the referral to whites as being the ones who "cracked the whips".

Oy! Was I off base.

I wish we could get this nation to a place that looks past skin color and more to content of character as MLK said.

Hatred sucks!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

@ War Planner, thanks for looking that up, I guess I could have if I'd cared more. Interesting info, though. But stupid, as far as trying to insult white people. Most of us do not have ancestors who were slave holders in the Old South. Heck, my own people were poor Irish who couldn't find a job when they got here and didn't even live in the South. Whatever. They just want to hate for hate's sake, it has nothing to do with history. Or logic.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't bode well for Obama & Holder letting the NBPP voter intimidation case slide, and then the fact that Obama has had the NBPP president visit at the white house on numerous occasions. I agree it gives them a tremendous sense of entitlement to get away with much more, and I can't help but wonder if that is what Obama and his administration want, encourage a race riot, hope there is a response, or even if there isn't one, mirror examples of race riots flaring up across the US.

What an excuse to call up marshall law, and then say, oops, no election.


Anonymous said...

Truly ironic that they are on the side of Democrats,the party that donned white hoods and intimidated their ancestors.

Dean said...

I don't expect a major clash on 8/28, since Shabazz thinks Glenn's gather is on 8/27. LOL

Can you imagine him showing up on the 27th and just seeing a bunch of tourists walking.

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