Monday, July 12, 2010

VIDEO: Dems Behaving Badly Pt. 763: Rep. Ciro Rodriguez

When the mask slips off Democrat, we really do get an ugly picture. It must be hard to try to BS your way out of a horrible record. Democrats have pissed off the electorate to no end and there is little that can be said or done to escape the coming wrath.

I expect we will be seeing many more of these “home movies” between now and November, because you cannot hold public office without running into the public!


spc said...

That is exactly the same thing I thought- These guys are unravelling under the pressure they are getting for their actions.

I am so happy that the American public is learning and responding politically. They are used to a rose petal covered floor and now they are finally receiving the heat for what they have done to us. I really wish this revolution in thought would come to Chicago.

[over-used reference]- they have awakened a sleeping giant. We just have to capitalize on it.

Anonymous said...

If Zero is having a meeting for his constituents, why is he having it at a restaurant that is not in his district? Because he needs the meeting to be full of blood sucking liberals.

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