Thursday, February 3, 2011

Video: Progressive racists call for Clarence Thomas' lynching

Big Government: I recently took a two-day trip down to Palm Springs to attend an event called “Uncloaking the Kochs”hosted by Common Cause. Accompanied by my dear friend, former assembly candidate Alvaro Day, I traveled as an independent investigative journalist, and not in any official capacity on behalf of Big Government or [...]
Among Common Cause’s, well, common causes, are campaign finance reform, net neutrality, outlawing the filibuster, promoting cap and trade, and in this particular case, herding a mass of protesters outside a nearby hotel to yell at Charles and David Koch for being conservative and rich.
We were then ushered outside to the parking lot across from the hotel in which the Koch brothers were holding a meeting, whereupon we were encouraged to yell at the building, decrying not only the Kochs, but Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia for their Citizens United ruling. Oh, and Fox News while we were at it.
We were joined by at least half a dozen busloads of public sector union members and common demonstrators from AFFCE, The Ruckus Society, 350, Greenpeace, Code Pink, and the Progressive Democrats of America, among others, without whose valuable contributions to the yelling, the rally would’ve been just a lousy bust. Video camera in hand, I purposely engaged them to get beyond their programmed talking points, only to find some rather colorful agenda items – particularly for Justice Thomas.[MORE]
Last month when the left collectively wet the bed calling for "civility", the first thing that came to my mind was to give these hypocrites the finger!  It never ceases to amaze me how the left blathers endlessly about "hate" from the right all the while saying some of the most hateful things.  Do they even hear themselves?

Now if these were Tea Partiers talking about Obama, there would be no end to the left calling for the leaders to denounce the attendees and pulling their hair out about racism.  However, since the black in question is a conservative, these "progressives" let their primal racism fly.  The only reason why these white progressives feel comfortable expressing their racism is because they know black liberals will never hold them to the same standards set for conservatives.

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Janelle said...

Ron White called it........."You can't fix stupid."

OBIT2010 said...

You know, you're right! If these where TEA Party or other conservative saying these things, It would be the biggest story since 9/11 (maybe even bigger)!

Clifton B said...



Clifton B said...


Nothing makes a bigger story for the media than to have their biases confirmed.

bd said...

the socialist left cares nothing about racism - slinging the charge is strictly a tool in their propaganda arsenal - and too many of us are willing to wallow with them...

"can't win by fighting" this one; we feed their neuroses when:

1. we point-out their hypocrisy

2. defend the victim of their slurs

3. decry the fact their charges are baseless (when they are, of course)

4. decry the corrosive, destructive nature of the charge when baseless

5. mock/ridicule the absurdity of their mud-wallowing

they have no conscious, shame, or decency in this matter.

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