Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bad sign: Western journalists attacked in Egypt

Journalists in Egypt were attacked and harnessed today.  ABC News reporter Brian Huntsman was threatened with beheading.  Fox News reporter Greg Palkot and his cameraman were hospitalized. Anderson Cooper who was attacked yesterday, reports today that his car was attacked.  CBS News reports that one of its correspondents were detained in Cairo. The New York Times reports that gangs are hunting western journalists.  ABC News has compiled a complete list of all attacks on western journalists.

It appear all this is being done to create a news blackout.  Such a blackout could be a precursor to ramped up violence against the protesters.  If Mubarak's forces are successful is squelching this uprising America can pretty much forget Egypt as an ally after calling for his departure.

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Janelle said...

If neither side of these factions has figured out that they should be using the news folks to further their really is too chaotic and the new folks should leave. I haven't seen any word on any reporters from any other country outside of the middle east. Have I missed something?

Justin said...

Do you think we've reached the point where the best thing we can do vis a vis the Middle East is just get out of it?

I'm thinking that the best way to deal with these regimes might actually be to ramp up our own domestic energy production, thereby slowly driving down the price of oil, and cutting off the power source for these guys. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me that if we can effectively cut off their massive oil profits then they'll either have to modernize their societies or go back to geopolitical irrelevance. Plus, we could actually create some AMERICAN jobs in the process.

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