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Obama’s approval among Independents now at 38%

Gallup: PRINCETON, NJ -- Thirty-eight percent of independents approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, the first time independent approval of Obama has dropped below 40% in a Gallup Daily tracking weekly aggregate. Meanwhile, Obama maintains the support of 81% of Democrats, and his job approval among Republicans remains low, at 12%.
Over the past year, Obama has lost support among all party groups, though the decline has been steeper among independents than among Republicans or Democrats. Today's 38% approval rating among independents is 18 percentage points lower than the 56% found July 6-12, 2009. During the same period, his support has fallen nine points among Democrats (from 90% to 81%) and eight points among Republicans (from 20% to 12%).
Overall, 46% of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing as president in the June 28-July 4 aggregate, one point above his lowest weekly average. Obama's average weekly job approval rating has not been above 50% since Feb. 8-14, though it reached the 50% mark as recently as May 3-9. [MORE]
What I find surprising is that Obama has held on to 40% of Independents for this long. Over the past year it is become terribly obvious that Hope and Change is nothing like what was promised. Yet there still is 38% of Independents who approve of Obama’s performance.

Since these folks supposedly do not have an ideological axe to grind, I would love to know what exactly they approve of. If I had to guess, I would say their approval might be directly tied to how they benefit from Government largesse. I hope Gallup will delve a little deeper into this question soon.

While many may see these numbers as a welcome sign that Obama is destine to be a one termer, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air provides the appropriate caution: 
How dangerous is this for Obama?  Well, as I keep arguing, Obama will be President for the next two-and-a-half years regardless of what people think about him.  That’s a long time in politics, and Obama could make a Clintonian pirouette and become a supply-sider and free-marketeer in the second half of this term.  That helped Bill Clinton win back independents in 1996, and the same could happen to Obama.  If the economy roars back to life in 2011, Obama will regain some of his footing with independents, but getting that kind of recovery absolutely depends on dramatically changing course on policy, too. 
The danger is for Democrats in the midterms.  With this significant of a collapse in standing, two dynamics come into play.  First, the independents who turned out for Obama in 2008 will not show up in 2010.  Worse, those who do will show up to vote against Obama and his agenda.  This poll shows a high level of disillusionment among independents especially, and they can only demonstrate their anger at that by kicking Obama’s allies out of Congress.  Obama had better hope that satisfies them. 
In other words, lets not start counting 2012 chickens and let all stay focus on making sure the Democrats get the beating they deserve in 2010.

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Via: Hot Air


rosewood59 said...

E. Morrissey states: if (Obama) "becomes a supply-side and free marketeer in the second half of his term.."

Well Ed, that (free marketeer) will happen when pigs fly.

Who are these 38% of independents who are clinging to thier Obama Messianic beliefs? What has this country come to?


Kristin said...

Make sure the Progressives are kicked out in 2010 then make sure the people we vote in to replace them don't fall into the quagmire that is DC and forget why we sent them....

trinity said...

I'm and Independent and Obama's approval rating with me is zero.

Anonymous said...

The party, Democrat, Republican or Tea, that siezes upon the overriding issue of corruption in Washington, will see its followers grow and will become dominant. Like me, voters have lost confdence in both major parties as seen in not only Obama's low ratings but those of congress as well. Time to clean out the Aegean stables ! Who's up to the task ?

KOOK said...

@kristin - They will. Power Corrupts. That is why we need to continue the voting out of people after a term or two, pretty much no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Obama gives mexico(notice not capitalized) millions and wants to sue Arizona for its nuts, while these illegal alien, mexican flag wearing punks, drug lords, gang members, human smugglers, murderers destroy the cities and fight police during the riots. Build the DAMN wall!. ohhhh... and PLUG THE DAMN HOLE!! hahah Obama is the most radical, anti-American, closet dwelling muslim(notice not capitalized), shock and awe, center of attention, headline grabbing, reverse racist, white man hating, unrepentant socialist/communist/progressive/fascist, and U.S. Constitution hating punk, that I've had the misfortune to witness. Remember when Hugo Chavez jokingly told Fidel Castro to “watch out or Obama will be to the left of both of us.” I wanted a black President pretty bad, but not him. God not him is what I told myself. I wanted a David Palmer, Dennis Haysbert. from 24 after watching the first couple seasons.. In 2008 , John McCain was about his favorite TV president. he said Haysbert from 24. I forget what Obama said, but he wasn't feeling ole Pedro Cerrano. He doesn't want to bridge racial tensions, he wants a vote! and he wants all the power! Just like how Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are now crooks. Obama doesn't understand what Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for! King lead peaceful protest in the wake of real racism and true hate. My hat goes off for that bravery and I being white from a small town in middle America cannot fully feel or begin to imagine that plight, but you never hear Obama talk about how far we as a nation have come. All I hear is bashing and finger pointing, while his clandestine cohorts plot to destroy this great country. The funny thing is.. is that he has stated all the radical ideas on tape. Just like cap and trade and energy prices will necessarily sky rocket under his plan. I even heard him say recently something really stupid when talking about Arizona "how can the illegals report a crime?" Thanks for the site and keep up the good work here.

Andrew33 said...

If you look at policies and legislation a.k.a. the obama agenda, approval is far lower among all demographics. The independents seem to like "Obama" the media persona, but they dislike every thing obama agenda represents. Pick your issue, from obamacare to bailouts/stimulus to immigration to the handling of the deepwater horizon terrorist attack, BHO has not had 45% support on any major issue. Now the honeymoon is finally ending and blaming previous administrations for every problem that arises is wearing thin.

ozzie said...

It's going to lay entirely on the GOP's ability to sell themselves. Battling the media portrayals of events and conservatives makes it difficult, I know, but conservatives have to have a strong rallying message, stay on that simple message, and pick candidates that can sell it.

Oh, and it helps if they spend some time at home and less time in DC. I swear that town turns their heads to mush and they lose focus of what their constituents (not donors) want.

On top of that, we may lose the politicians we elect if we don't stay on top of them like the high school detention supervisor. We have to write letters and even call our representatives offices on important issues as well as keeping up to date on national and local politics so that we can be informed on those things that seem to jump out of nowhere and bite us in the arse.

If we don't do our part, especially after this disastrous reality check of an administration, then we deserve what we get.

/that reminds me- I have to look up information on my representatives since I lost it all on a computer crash a few weeks ago.

Jeff Stone said...

81% of Democrats approve of the job 0bama is doing.

4 out of 5 Democrats want this country to be suffering through the plans that have been signed by Pres. 0bama will be enforced by Pres. 0bama and are envisioned by Pres. 0bama.

Can we stop talking about 'honorable Democrats' until one actually surfaces ?

Jess said...

If you consider that Democrats are only about 40% of the voting populations, 80% of that number is far from the amount needed to elect enough officials to perpetuate the progressive agenda.

It's up to anyone that opposes this administration to vote for candidates that aren't entrenched politicians, or proponents of the programs that are ruining this country. This mid-term election may be the last one that will make a difference, and stop the madness.

Anonymous said...

Of course 81% of the democrats approve M. Obama's job, they are his accomplices and they know full well that when the tide changes, they will have to answer for their treason. They will delay the inevitable for as long as they can, hoping to save their skins. It's the same path followed by the collabos in Europe during WWII.

Anonymous said...

Some polls show him up and down from month to month. However if you average the 20 major polls you will see a constant decline month after month.

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