Thursday, February 3, 2011

Video: Live Action's Planned Parenthood Sting - The Richmond, VA Edition



This is the second video to be released by Live Action.  This time the Planned Parenthood employee isn't anywhere near as sleazy as her New Jersey counterpart, but she still completely ignores the under aged sex trade.  I think this is because Planned Parenthood has developed such a pro abortion culture that they are completely blind to reality.  

Imagine if a young girl was coerced into prostitution situation and found herself at Planned Parenthood.  It looks like you could pretty much forget anyone there saving the young girl.  Worse yet imagine teenage girls having to rely on these so-called professionals for advice on a complex issue like abortion.

Planned Parenthood is still standing by the fact that they reported Live Action to the FBI some six days after the stings were performed.  This seems like a pretty weak excuse because if a pattern was not detected both of these workers would have helped with under age sex trade. 

Via: Live Action

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Just a conservative girl said...

Hmm, Planned Parenthood have you heard of AG Ken Cuccinelli? I have this feeling that you will be getting to know him very soon.

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