Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Everything old is new again: Newt Gingrich to announce exploratory committee

The only surprising thing about this is that he announced so early.
ABC News: ABC News has learned that Newt Gingrich will make the leap this week. Confidants close to the former House speaker say he will announce his intention to form a presidential exploratory committee before the end of the week.
Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler would only say that the former speaker will make an announcement by the end of the week on forming a presidential exploratory committee. But friends of Gingrich say he has already made up his mind. Gingrich's travel schedule is already looking like that of a presidential candidate. He will be in Iowa on Mar. 7 and ABC News has learned he will in New Hampshire Mar. 17.
Newt as a candidate is completely off my radar. Even if he did not suggest shrugging off conservatives, I find that his candidacy is terribly out of date. They say that presidential candidates need to strike while the iron is hot, Newt's hottest moments were in the 90's.

Newt also has a problem with that messy divorce. There is nothing the left enjoys more than to cry hypocrisy when conservatives fail to walk the walk. The last thing we need in the race for 2012 are distractions. If Newt has to spend endless time explaining his divorce, then he is not spending time driving home the message We're Broke.

If by some freak of nature Newt ends up our nominee, I will break out the old clothespin and give him a vote. I will be doing so knowing that there is a real chance Newt could get rolled on the big issues.

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Just a conservative girl said...

I wonder if even he believes he can get the nomination.

I don't know anyone that would support him.

Anonymous said...

He's out lived his time as an active politician. He can join think tanks or lobby group. But I think most Americans, even Conservatives, are tired of him in one way or the other. He certainly still lives in the pre-Reagan, pre-Tea Party era in the way he treats Conservatism.

The Second Anonymous.

Unknown said...

What worries me is that he will get the nomination the same way the McCain did; with faux support from the NY Times and the MSM.

Newt is arrogant to say the least, but more to the point he is poison for the Republican party.

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