Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Charles Lollar forcing Steny Hoyer to actually campaign

It really is a bad year to be a Democrat incumbent.  How bad is it you ask?  Well, Steny Hoyer whose seat is usually so safe he uses his campaign cash to help other Democrats is now spending his money to run put ad on the airways.
The Hill: You know the Democrats are in trouble when Steny Hoyer hits the airwaves in his campaign to retain his seat in Congress. Hoyer, whose seat was generously drawn for him by Maryland Senate President Mike Miller, usually uses his campaign largesse to benefit his Democratic Party colleagues with little thought of himself.
That changed due to an aggressive campaign by first-time candidate Charles Lollar, who is making inroads into previous Hoyer strongholds in Charles, Prince George’s and St. Mary’s counties. 
Lollar, who served in the Marine Corps, is taking the same no-nonsense approach to going after the previously unassailable Hoyer that has earned the U.S. Marine Corps worldwide respect and, yes, a little bit of fear. [MORE]

In 2008 Steny Hoyer won reelection with 73% of the vote, clearly that ain’t happening this time around.  Lollar must be scary close for Hoyer to abandon helping other Democrats and spend his time and money on himself. If anyone had the latest polls on Hoyer-Lollar match up, please let me know.


Just a conservative girl said...

Ok, I will give you the skinny I heard.

1. The republican party has put some money into this race, so that must mean that they have some internal polling showing him close.

2. The phone banking that is being done is saying that the dems are not really all that interested in voting.

3. They are electing a governor this year. The dem is the current governor who has made some gaffes over the past 4 years, so the dem party is not all that interested in voting for him. The opponent is the former governor, who lost four years ago. But this is a very true blue state, republicans are always at a disadvantage.

This district is pretty close to me, so I went to I see him speak a few weeks ago, he is an impressive candidate. I don't think in the end he will win, but he is making it interesting that is for sure. At the very least he is costing money to other candidates. I do think he is going to get close though. I wouldn't be surprised if Lollar gets about 40% of the vote which says a lot for this district.

Angie Lee said...

We can hope, though! Would love to see a whole bunch of fresh new faces, myself.

Holly said...

Wow, this sounds familiar. The same thing is happening in Atlanta, GA. John Lewis, who has gone unopposed the last ten years, had to actually come to Atlanta and have meet and greets and fundraisers. His opponent, Fenn Little, who has not received any funds from RNC or local GOP groups, is making headway in our decidedly liberal district.
BTW, with races such as these, even if the candidates on the right aren't elected to Congress, I say it's a win for trying and giving these careerists a run for their money.

Tammy said...

We need to keep him in the spotlight, even if he loses. I have cousins who know him well from Georgia, and say he is a wonderful, wonderful man.

Adrienne said...

I was here yesterday and was so busy reading your post I didn't even see I was featured. Mea culpa and thank you so much.

LandShark 5150 said...

This is funny - Stieny-boy going to him. This is man is top notch and look forward to his political future.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you see the news clip about Steny Hoyer knuckle punching Charles Lollar in the back, twice during a debate? The democrats are becoming unhinged, and therefore, in my not so humble opinion, are even more dangerous.

Roadhouse said...

I know this is anecdotle, but as a truck driver, I cover all points in Maryland. Lollar signs are all over Waldorf, Upper Marlboro and all the way down routes 4 and 5. And Ehrlich signs dominate Baltimore (of all places) at least 100 to one over O'malley.
Let's hope this translates to a win for Lollar and Ehrlich both.

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