Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Video: Rand Paul – Jack Conway Debate

The full video to the very contentious Rand Paul – Jack Conway Debate can be found here.  Sorry I could not embed the video here, but CSPAN is being stingy

The first few minutes of this debate is really hot stuff.  I would love to know who told Jack Conway to go down this road with Rand Paul.  It seems like such a stupid idea to me.  Rand Paul is a strong libertarian, as such; it would be relatively easy to corner Paul in a hard right position and then try to make him look “extreme”.  Instead, Conway goes for these so called allegations from way back in the day.

Kudos to Rand Paul for making Conway look extremely stupid pursuing the issue and double kudos to Rand Paul for refusing to shake Conway’s hand. Conway stooped to the gutter and did not deserve to be treated with respect. We all claim to hate gutter politics, but we seldom punish those who practice it.  Rand Paul’s refusal of a handshake is a good start at punishing those who practice dirty politics.

Overall, I think Conway came off as a walking talking attack ad. Conway leveled an attack on Rand Paul with every question he answered. Paul chose only to attack Conway just a tiny amount of times. Throughout the debate I could not help but think of the theme old vs. new. On one hand you had Jack Conway, the old style politician and guardian of the status quo. In the case of Rand Paul we had a glimpse of the new style politician who is willing to challenge everything about the status quo.

Video h/t: Gateway Pundit

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bd said...

all well put...

how is it that, as you wrote, rp could easily be made to appear "extreme" by addressing the tenets of his libertarian ideology; but, socialists are not backed into the corner of extremism, even though their "softer/feel-good" ideology always ends at the barrel of a gun (or anarchy)...

i fear that the 40+% of Americans who are not subject to the "pain" of paying fed income tax are too readily willing to buy into the notion that "free lunch" is a great idea and that its only right that rich people should pony-up

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