Thursday, October 21, 2010

Video: The Chinese Professor

I saw this video on Your World with Neil Cavuto. The video is by an organization called Citizens Against Government Waste.  I think it drive home the point that all this borrowing and spending will not have a happy ending.


Janelle said...

I've been a CAGW member for over a decade. Their site is top notch, easy to use and a fountain of useful information. These folks rate and give the straight skinny on taxpayer issues alone. No favoritism at all. and their yearly "Pig Book" alone is worth the price of admission. Caution, it may very well raise your BP and you may want to locate your SIG while reading it........

Anonymous said...

I am an American, I dislike the term "Asian" or "Chinese-American."

An American is an American.

That being said, as an American of Chinese heritage, I totally LOVE this ad.

Finally a conservative ad with GREAT production value instead of silly fade-in-and-out slideshow with scary music.

The idea is simple and straight to the point. But I am sure liberals will scream at everything in the ad, and some idiot Chinese will say it's anti-Chinese while they were the ones running away from Communist China.

2nd Anonymous

Paul J. said...

Personally, I think it's a compliment to China, her citizenry and the resolve to not let your own country dissolve under its own crippling weight and sloth.

Communist or not, the idea behind the commercial is that they, as well as many other countries, are smart enough to sit back and let America destroy itself.

Only the small-minded think this commercial is saying, "Those Commie Chinese are gonna get us!"

The real message is that, while we allow ourselves to be suckered by snake-oil salesmen and smooth-talking Teleprompter Presidents there are countries out there watching, and waiting - and benefiting from every misstep we take.

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