Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MSNBC to come out the ideological closet?

New York Times: MSNBC, once the also-ran but now the No. 2 cable news channel, has a new tagline that embraces its progressive political identity.
The tagline, “Lean Forward,” will be publicly announced Tuesday, opening a planned two-year advertising campaign intended to raise awareness of the channel among viewers, advertisers and distributors.
The tagline “defines us and defines our competition,” said Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC, his implication being that the Fox News Channel, which is No. 1 in cable news and a home for conservatives, is leaning backward. Fox’s best-known tagline is “Fair and Balanced.” […]
Ms. Otterman’s lesson from that research: “All we have to do is tell our story to more people.”
She added in an interview, “It’s not that the look is changing. It’s not that the programming is changing. It’s that we’re going out and telling people about it now.”
The resulting ads are not day-and-date promotions for specific programs; rather, they are emotional set pieces about the national debate that moves America forward. The MSNBC brand “is about ideas and change and making the country a better place,” Mr. Griffin said.
“It’s an umbrella that’s pretty wide, but that does have a progressive sensibility,” he continued. “We’re confident. We’re strong. Let’s not live in the past, let’s not live by fear.”
Believe it or not I say “Bravo”! One of the most insulting and maddening things about the media is the silly game they play about being impartial. I don’t care whether they lean left or right, for God’s sake be upfront about it!
If MSNBC wants to be the premiere "progressive" cable news station, they would do well to bring in some more credible on air personalities. Aside from Rachel Maddows, the lineup is full of clowns.  If I were a lefty, I still would not like Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews or Ed Schultz. Instead, I would much rather see personalities who had their act together and who had a certain sense of credibility. Keith Olbermann's, Chris Matthews' and Ed Schultz's numerous on air faux pas have rendered them complete clowns.
I think if MSNBC is serious about improving their standing in the cable news war, they will eventually realize a new lineup is in order.  Rich Sanchez need not apply.


Chris said...

I agree. But honosty isn't a trait of the left. Violence is however a trait they embolden.

Janelle said...

You are on a roll, Clifton! I couldn't agree more, be upfront about who you are.

SirKnob said...

Hi Clifton, I would just like to point out a fact of physics, when you are on a slippery slope, leaning forward simply gets you to the bottom sooner :-)
On your point, I agree, any media that hires Olbermann types, is only going draw an audience that is not interested in real news to begin with. Like the WWF, it is not wrestling, but it is entertainment. The same can be said for MSNBC. It is not news, but it does entertain a certain type of people :-)
Keith, if your reading, I nominate myself for your 'worst person in World' award. Of course, I would see it as a Badge of Honor and Integrity.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Madcow is not a clown? Only by comparison to her fellow MSNBC "personalities". Judged on her own merits, she is one of those scary, disturbing non-funny clowns for yet another poorly done Stephen King movie.

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