Friday, October 1, 2010

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: Paladino versus NY reporter

The New York Post: Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino and Post State Editor Fredric U. Dicker last night got into an angry confrontation -- during which Paladino threatened, "I'll take you out."
It started when Dicker asked Paladino if he had any proof of his shocking allegation that Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo cheated on his former wife during their marriage.
"What evidence do you have for something most people would consider a smear?" Dicker asked.
Instead of responding to Dicker's question, Paladino accused him of sending a "goon" to stake out his former mistress at the home where she lives with their love child.
Sunday's Post featured a front-page story about Paladino's wife, Cathy, and his ex-lover, Suzanne Brady. It included an exclusive interview with Cathy Paladino.

"You send another goon to my daughter's house and I'll take you out, buddy!" Paladino told Dicker.
When Dicker asked how he planned to do that, Paladino replied, "Watch!"
"Are you threatening me?" Dicker asked.
When the candidate's aides jumped in to separate the men, Paladino, referring to Dicker, told them, "F- -k him."
Paladino's campaign manager, Michael Caputo, then got involved, and began arguing with Dicker.
"You're out of here, you're off our campaign list, you get nothing more from us," he told Dicker, as stunned members of the state government press corps looked on.
"You're off the Christmas list!" Caputo bellowed to Dicker.
The argument took place at The Business Council of New York State's annual meeting in Bolton Landing, outside Lake George.
This is a perfect example of Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right. Regarding the media; yes, it is news that Paladino had a child out of wedlock, but there is absolutely no need to track down the child. There is no need to get photographs of the 10 year old child in question (as a freelance photographer, I would have rejected this assignment). If a child is not of legal age to agree to openly campaign for the parent, then LEAVE THAT CHILD ALONE!

It is not a hard concept to understand. In 2008, Chelsea Clinton, the Romney boys and Megan McCain, all adults, chose to assist their parents. Fine, then they are fair game for the media. The Obama girls and the Palin children (Bristol 2008, not today) did not and should have been left in peace.

Paladino, despite being justifiably angry, should not have issued the threat. “I’ll take you out, buddy”? There is no other way to take that but as a threat and it is caught on tape. Sorry Carl, but that is just plain stupid.

Luckily for Carl, New Yorkers, despite their liberal leanings are not the type of folk to get all squishy about threats. In another state, Paladino might have ended up on the chopping block for that one.

Video h/t: The Right Scoop


billd said...

w/o sanctimony - honorable, yes, yes, hope so...

d.campione said...

My thoughts on the issue are pretty consistent with yours. Paladino was justifiably angry, but threatening the reporter was over the line! We will soon see how "unelectable" Paladino is (or isn't). My site:

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