Saturday, October 9, 2010

Richard Blumenthal: “Our lawsuits create jobs”

If Connecticut is serious about job creation, they would do well to avoid Richard Blumenthal like the plague.  This guy would not know how to create a job if you gave him a step by step manual and a YouTube video.
Remember how he struggled during the debate with this simple question from Linda McMahon.

Blumenthal’s cluelessness leads Ace of Spades to thinks Linda McMahon may have all the raw materials she needs for her next campaign ad.
Oh, Dear: Blumenthal Does Know How To Create Jobs
And he's created them -- through his lawsuits.
"Businesses welcome them."
Linda McMahon, your next commercial is waiting.
I agree!

Via: Memeorandum
Via: Ace of Spades


Angie Lee said...

Yeah, businesses welcome them. That's why doctors buy malpractice insurance at a cost of tens of thousands a year, to support workers at insurance companies rather then distributing a little more to their own workers and/or hiring additional staff.

You know, 'cause they're just so in love with being sued, sometimes for events they have no control over. But hey, doctors are rich, so they can afford it, right?

madmath1 said...

Yea, his lawsuits create jobs. . . for lawyers. What escapes him is that for the one lawyer that gets employed, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands that are lost. Of course, nobody ever accused liberals or their ilk of knowing math.

Janelle said...

You're right about her next ad.....just replay that bumbling answer from Blumenthal. Yikes.

Warren Mosler said...

Connecticut does have another choice for US Senate

I'm the Independent Party candidate

Visit my website at:

And read about my qualifications, experience, and proposals to create the 20 million new private sector jobs we desperately need.

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