Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Full Video: Lt. Col. Allen West – Ron Klein Debate

As far as debate formats go, this one really stinks.  There is absolutely no back and forth between West and Klein.  How can anyone call this a debate without the two candidates engaging on the issues?  The moderators stank too.  They seemed not to ask any really controversial or tough questions to either candidate and did not follow up on anything. Given Ron Klein’s high support of the very unpopular Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda, these moderators did very little to get Klein to explain those votes.

If the Ron Klein’s plan was to paint West as some rightwing whacko extremist, West’s appearance here certainly throws that out the window.  West comes off well informed, principled and serious. Given that the room was packed with supporters from both sides, it is hard to tell just how effective each candidate was.

Watch the debate and share your thoughts.

Video h/t: The Right Scoop


Anonymous said...

I wish I could vote for this guy. Ever since his heroic and life saving actions in Iraq I have been a big fan.


Janelle said...

Not sure I could be impartial......my admiration for LtCl West is equal to my dislike of Klein.

JWWright said...

Now, this guy is cut from presidential timber. There may be a day when we could all have the chance to vote for him.

ozzie said...

Hey Clifton,

It was an interesting "debate". That guy Klein is a very skilled politician and I am not sure it is entirely due to the format.

There were some insinuations he made about what West believes that I thought were kind of easy to make, especially with no back and forth- and because of that lack of back and forth there was no chance for West to take any real swings.

West was pretty good, but Klein was great- I am fortunate enough to know a little more about the issue than a standard voter so it is easier for those of us who are politically educated to separate fact from fiction, but I think Klein will have the upper hand from this debate.

Allen West's closing was great though- He was a little myopic in his opening/closing statments....both had different sentiments than the actual substance of the "debate", but it rallied the supporters and myself- It was a great performance.

I feel a little discouraged that there are a large number of people who will buy into the economic non-sense that Klein spews. There should have been more time to force some better answers and use some real pressure to make him squirm under his own record.

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