Saturday, October 16, 2010

Video: The Christine O’Donnell – Chris Coons Debate

I am playing catch up and have just finished watching the Coons-O’Donnell debate. Good Lord, this was a long debate.  Basically this was a three on one debate, Chris Coon, Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Karibjanian vs. Christine O’Donnell. I am hard pressed to think of a more lopsidedly moderated debate.  Again Blitzer and Karibjanian should take note of how Mitch Fox moderated the Reid-Angle debate. Mitch Fox was only in the tank for the people of Nevada and not for any candidate.

The moderators seem to constantly nudge Coons to go after O’Donnell’s statements. They repeatedly reminded him that this was the “discussion portion” and he could discuss (i.e. attack) what O’Donnell just said.

Chris Coons could not have been more condescending and dismissive of O’Donnell if he tried. Just look at the 52 minute mark to see what I am talking about. Ouch, how rude!

What I thought was funny was that Coons, Blitzer and Karibjanian treated O’Donnell like she was some crazy space alien, even when she continually turned in a sane and thoughtful performance. If they were banking on everyone thinking she is nothing more than a rightwing wacko, they will be mistaken, because O’Donnell was nothing but credible and sane.

Despite, O’Donnell being able to hold her own and come off as a credible candidate, I think what was needed here was for to eviscerate Coons with a killer sound bite or set him back with a series of awkward moments. That did not happen, so it will be interesting to see how if O’Donnell improves her numbers between now and November 2.

I do have to ask, who picked those God awful student questions? Those student questions were so far behind the times it was ridiculous. Are we to believe that college students who are just about to enter the job market are more concerned about stem cell research than the economy?  Puleeeeeze!

I think O’Donnell’s best moment came when she answered the education question (see the 36:30 mark).  O’Donnell gave a well delivered jab at Coons and a clear explanation of what is wrong with the system.

Second best O’Donnell moment was this:
“I would argue there are more people who support my Catholic faith than his Marxist belief.”
So very feisty!

I also think O’Donnell did a better job than Sharron Angle at delivering charges against her opponent. Clearly, O’Donnell was not afraid to go at Chris Coons.

Video h/t: Breitbart TV


ck said...

All I can say is screw Karl Rove, the Powerline wimps and all the rest of the GOP insiders. They have done far more damage than the media and coons combined.

ck said...

Zero comments? Ok, I don't hang out where I'm not wanted.

ozzie said...

I could only take about 15 minutes of it since I want to catch up on a few other things.

Admittedly, I will not like anything he says, but I'm not sure how people would respond to some more direct criticisms.

I had thought during a few different times-

Why doesn't she respond to his listing of tax credits with a simple response that would show how out of touch government is, "If you didn't tax our money away in the first place we wouldn't need to beg you for tax credits"

Or when he spoke about the recent bill passed to do x and y and z, she could have said, "Government has been run broke by people like you and it has no more of our money left to spend- you idiot!!(that last part is optional)"

Finally, when he spoke about how much tax cuts will cost the government she should have explained, "Giving people back their money never costs government because it is an institution of the people (taxpayer)- it's their money in the first place- you idiot!!!"

I know this debate was going to be good, but right from the onset of the debate you can see how it was shaping- Without seeing all of it I can't say it was one-sided the whole time, but I'm not happy with how some elitist pricks will treat a person with whom they disagree because they feel she is beneath the position and beneath them.

thanks for posting it- I hope to catch the rest of it at another time.

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