Friday, May 13, 2011

Curse you Blogger!

Well I am back. Blogger seems to have had a meltdown. Since yesterday evening I have not been able to log into Blogger and was horrified to see that Another Black Conservative would not even load at times.

William from Legal Insurrection explains what happened:

For those of you who have wondered what is going on, Blogger had a system-wide failure beginning sometime yesterday, which froze blogs as reader-only.

The failure resulted from a maintenance upgrade on Wednesday. (Small quirk of fate, the blog manager at Google who was responsible for the maintenance upgrade was a high school friend. I realized this when checking Google's entries on the outage. So the silver lining is that I may reconnect with someone who knew me when.)
Google reset the system to just before the upgrade, meaning that all posts and comments from around 11 a.m. Wednesday were taken down. Google says that it backed-up that data and will restore the posts and comments, but that hasn't happened yet. [MORE]
William is going to launch a .com version of Legal Insurrection soon. I think it is time for me to take similar steps. While I cannot afford to have Another Black Conservative hosted as a .com, I can create a mirror site over at Wordpress just in case this happens again.

In the mean time , if you posted any comments on my latest missing posts, please be patient. Supposedly, Blogger is going to be reposting them shortly.

Thanks for being patient.


Megan said...

I went to post your blogs this morning, that I saw you posted recently, and they were no longer there.

I use and have had a really good experience with Siteground

And they are dirt cheap.

They offer so much for $3.95 a month for one year and then it goes up to $9.95. They are even offering free domanins.

Will Manning said...

I have a dot com website, but its hosted by Blogger. I may very well have to do the same as you are saying.

I've looked into some pricing, and the lowest, reliable hosts are around $5 a month. Just FYI.

Semper Fi, and keep on keeping on.

Jim McKee said...

GoDaddy is $4 a month, and doesn't go up.

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