Sunday, May 29, 2011

Video: Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder

From the New York Times we learn that media was could not get enough of Palin.
Ms. Palin climbed aboard a chopper, assisted by a member of the Rolling Thunder staff, but was unable to move because there were so many members of the press snapping photos. Organizers eventually brought in police, also on motorcycles, to clear a path.
Not bad for someone who was declared politically dead after the media's attempt to blood libel her a few months ago. Even that ingrate John McCain, who has been rather stingy with his praise for Sarah, had to admit today that Palin could beat Obama.

On visuals alone, Palin has already beaten Obama. Compare and contrast:

If I were Obama's handlers, I would start looking into ways to "butch him up" for 2012 ... just in case.

Associated Press has an awesome slide show of images from the Rolling Thunder event. Check them out here.

Via: Memeorandum
Video h/t: Gateway Pundit and Weasel Zippers
Via: The New York Times


Eric Noren said...

Regarding the contrasting visuals of Obama on a bike and Palin on a hog, they're both satisfying their target audience. Can't you hear all the lefties applauding his smaller carbon footprint?

To them he looks heroic, even though to us he looks child-like.

Personal Home Inspector said...

Not as much as she'd like you to think. The real insider’s don’t trust her, and they realize she's unelectable. The major strategist¬s like Rollins and McKinnon, wouldn't touch her. There are a lot of bad things that happened in the McCain campaign that really set some Republican insiders off. Some of it is hinted at in Game Change.

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