Friday, May 6, 2011

Video: Condolezza Rice vs. Lawrence O'Donnell

Lawrence O'Donnell was badly out gunned and out matched by Condolezza Rice.  At times it was like watching an old fashion school teacher discipline a wayward child.  It is a shame more Republicans don't know how to argue like Rice does. Then again most Republicans don't have a bachelor's degree at age 19.

The best part of the interview is when Rice mocks the idea that Sadam Hussein could have been toppled by Egyptian style protest.  O'Donnell totally set himself up with that question.

As brilliant as Condolezza Rice is, I do have to question her intelligence for wasting her time doing an interview with MSNBC.  Given MSNBC's tiny audience and O'Donnell's hyper partisanship, what was Rice hoping to accomplish?  Then again, one of the Bush administration's biggest failings was their complete inability to handle the biased media.

Via: The Blaze


Reed said...

Clifton, please pardon the colloquialism, but that was an ass-whoopin'. And from his pontifical manner, I'm sure he thought he was the one doing the whoopin'.

Liz said...

Maybe she is thinking about running for president.

ginette said...

I wish Condi would run for President.

The Pagan Temple said...

Well, its next to impossible to "handle the biased media" for one thing. Its hard to handle something that ignores stories critical of progressives whenever its possible to do so while hyping up relatively minor infractions by conservatives to the point it becomes front page news. How do you handle a media that pushes the notion that a Democrat congresswoman was shot by what they tried to describe as a far right conservative when he was, if anything, more of a leftist nut?

And more often than not, when the media does interview a conservative, if you'll notice, they never let the interviewee make it past the already established talking points. They never get a chance to expound on all the different reasons conservative policies (such as privatization of Social Security, for example) are good ideas. They don't want their viewers to hear that, so they keep going on and on hitting on the stuff that might make the conservative look bad.

By the way I think I'm going to make a drinking game out of ever time a debate moderator asks candidates to "say something nice about your opponent".

Jg. for FatScribe said...

i've always said condi is one of the unsung superheroes ... she was also classic on 30 Rock this past week with her past romance with Alec Baldwin. gawd, loves me some condi!

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