Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Dead: Our turn to party in the streets

When we were attacked on September 11, 2001, many from the Culture of Death partied in the streets of the Middle East. Yesterday, it was our turn to do the Snoopy Dance of Victory! In this age of declining American influence and resolve, it is good to have a reminder of what we are capable of as a nation.

For some stunning images from Ground Zero click here.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: ABC News
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Divine Theatre said...

What a vile thing for a Christian to say.
You sound like a savage.
Prove me wrong.

Clifton B said...

Divine Theatre:

There is noting un-Christian about cheering the defeat of evil and Osama Bin Ladin was EVIL!

Divine Theatre said...

Clifton, US interventionist policies are to blame for 9-11. No more no less. We are responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent people in the Middle East and elsewhere. WE forced those goat herders to join the fundamentalists in order to exact their revenge.
I guarantee that if we stopped bombing innocent people in foreign countries there would have been no 9-11.

Shay Riley said...

Clifton, I see that you have a pro-Osama reader.

And Divine Theatre, I am NOT a Christian so that rhetoric won't work on me...

lilolady said...

US interventionist policies are to blame for 9-11. No more, nor less

Other possible blames: (1) fundamentalist ideology advising to kill the infidel for no other reason whatsoever other than it was written to “Holy” document before the US was even conceived (2) increasingly assessable mass media that exposes to the mass have-nots, the easy life that is available to some (3) leftist ideology that stresses immediate mass redistribution of wealth, rather than acknowledging the centuries it took for the “haves” to “get” in an orderly fashion and failure to acknowledge that most of the “haves” are good decent charitable people and (4) the leftist idiocy of redistributing wealth to corrupt governments while distributing disparaging remarks about the intentions of the good decent “haves”.

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