Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Mitt Mandate Madness

Poor Mittens, he is just a few hours away from giving an important speech on healthcare reform and the left has dug up new examples of his support for mandates on the Federal level.
Blue Mass Group: [...] back in 1994 when he was running for Senate, Romney said he would support a federal individual health care mandate. Yes, yes, he did.
See, in 1993, then-Senator John Chafee, a Republican from Rhode Island, floated a health care bill that was supposed to be an alternative to the Clinton administration’s proposal. It never really went anywhere, but it did garner 20 co-sponsors in the Senate, including a couple of Democrats (Boren of OK and Kerrey of NE). And a key feature of that bill was that, if it passed, the bad ol’ federal government would have required every American (with the usual hardship etc. exceptions) to purchase health insurance.
Subtitle F: Universal Coverage – Requires each citizen or lawful permanent resident to be covered under a qualified health plan or equivalent health care program by January 1, 2005.
Pretty straightforward, right? And yes, at least according to Kaiser Health News, this provision of Chafee’s bill was indistinguishable from President Obama’s plan.
The Wall Street Journal adds a little more rain to Mitt's parade with a very unflattering editorial today showcasing the failures of RomneyCare in Massachusetts.

Romney's problems with RomneyCare and the 2012 election really took off when he tried to have it both ways. On one hand Romney wants to condemn ObamaCare on the federal level and then on the other hand wants to claim success for RomneyCare on the state level. All while the two plans are basically identical. Romney might not be in such a jam, if he took a page from Tim Pawlenty and simply admit he made a mistake.

As I have repeatedly said on this blog, Obama and the left will be looking for distractions in 2012. They will use anything to avoid focus on Obama's failures with the economy, jobs, debt and the deficit. Romney's mixed and muddled excuses for RomneyCare offer up some really fine distractions that will keep him from hammering away at Obama's weak spots.

Unless Romney comes up with a clear and strong way to move RomneyCare off the table in 2012, he is a hopeless flawed candidate that is sure to lose to Obama.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: The Wall Street Journal
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Euripides said...

Since when is doublespeak a bad thing in a politician? Oh, that's right, only lefitsts, who have no values are allowed to flip flop on isssues. Those who profess conservative ideals must be practically perfect in every way because we actually have standards.

The media will hammer any Republican brave enough to step into the 2012 presidential race. It's a given. And they'll use the most abusive tactics because the ends justify any means.

bd said...

thanks for posting...

good for wsj; way too much glad-handing for mr and ng by establishment types - both republican and conservative (ex hannity)...

you are so right - the conservative "education" and persuasion these 2 bring comes at too high of price in fodder for the left and overcoming the smell of their past panderings

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