Saturday, April 3, 2010

Help Dede Scozzafava find a title for her memoir

Über Rino Dede Scozzafava is going to write a memoir about her adventures during the NY-23 race.
The Hill: New York state Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava (R) is writing a memoir about last year's dramatic special election in the state's 23rd congressional district.
Although she was the Republican Party's nominee, Scozzafava was never embraced by conservatives. She eventually dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat, now-Rep. Bill Owens.
Many activists were behind Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman and blamed Scozzafava for his defeat.
Scozzafava told WRVO public radio she's begun assembling notes.
"I have been kind of putting pieces together, yes, just, I think, more so for me, just to kind of go back and recall different moments, and I had jotted down certain occasions and I've got a whole calendar of events, and I'm kind of thinking about it again," said Scozzafava.
She doesn't yet have a title for the book.
Oh so Dede needs a title for her memoir, well here at Another Black Conservative we love to help out. Here are a few off the top of my head:
  • Going RINO, The Dede Scozzafava Story
  • TEA’d In NY-23
  • How To Be A Republican Without Trying
  • Teabagged! The Dede Scozzafava Story 


Christopher said...

Howabout,,"Behind Enemy Lines and Lovin' It"

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

It is amazing to me how many people still don't understand that the activists were right....she really was not a Republican. Do the people in the Republican party who picked her understand that? We are not stupid out here.

And I liked your second title~!

Anonymous said...

has anybody hear how the ny-23 finished???

SirKnob said...

I thought memoirs were written by people that actually acomplished something, or were at the end of their career. Then again, maybe she is done. A few other suggested titles.
'I was a red headed RINO'
'RINO for a Day'
'The Royal Tea Treatment'
but my favorite is:
'Royal Tea Treatment Cures RINOism'
That is all I could think of, but hey, its' early yet :-)

Christopher said...

Just thought of another title:

"A Dede Scozzafava Memoir; Stupid is as Stupid Does"

Janelle said...

Pink Elephant?

Steverino said...

How about "I Am a Nobody Desperately Clinging to Whatever Attention I Can Get"

I can't believe of a topic for a book less interesting than the exploits of a failed Congressional candidate from an obscure district.

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