Thursday, April 1, 2010

Run for your lives! Democrats “target” Republicans

Last week the left collectively wet their pants over Sarah Palin’s map that “targeted” Blue Dogs for the midterm elections.

The left told us that those little spy scope targets were pure evil and were sure to incite violence! Oh, the horror, only someone as evil as Sarah Palin could do such a thing.

Once again the sensitive sensibilities of the left is just an act. It turns out that they are every bit as evil as Palin. Actually even more evil because they thought of it first! Check out some of these lefty maps from 2004 and 2009.

Verum Serum found these maps in response to Paul Krugman recent smear job on the Tea Party. Click over to read the full details.


Term Papers said...

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Rachel Ann said...

But that's different Clifton is, because...well if you don't understand the difference your probably racist or illiterate or your just hateful. That's it. Hateful. Using logic and facts is a sure sign of being hateful


you just don't get the fact that Democrats are always right, and moral and good and there should be a single party system in the USA. One voice. No choice. (sigh)

I know..snarky is not good. But I can't help it sometimes.

Joaquin said...

On the left, it's all artificial outrage..............and the MSM laps it up.

Clifton B said...

Rachel Ann:

That has always been the message from the left. It is their way or they will smear you to no end.

Clifton B said...


You betcha. The left and turn on bogus righteous indignation at the drop of a hat. Time to tune them out.

Angie Lee said...

And, of course, you notice exactly how Dems think of non-Dem constituents: Enemies.

Behind enemy lines? Really???

Clifton B said...

Angie Lee:

But they do it in a sensitive kind of way. /sarc

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