Saturday, September 25, 2010

Anna Little: The Little Engine That Could

Two weeks ago Christine O’Donnell and Carl Paladino were making headline news with their upsets, but two months ago a quiet little upset happened here in New Jersey.  Tea Party backed candidate and Mayor of Highlands, New Jersey Anna Little had made an upset of her own.  In her race for Congressional District 6 Anna Little was financially out gunned by her opponent Dianne Gooch.  Gooch had  all the backing of the NJ GOP establishment, yet when all was said and done Anna Little prevailed.
NJ.Com: TRENTON — It took a week, but Highlands Mayor Anna Little can now officially celebrate her stunning victory in the 6th District Republican congressional primary.
Millionaire weekly newspaper publisher Diane Gooch conceded defeat today to the tea party-backed Little, who now faces 22-year incumbent U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-6th Dist.) in the general election.
Gooch, a Rumson resident, had the backing of the Republican organizations in all four counties that comprise the Shore-dominated district, giving her preferable ballot placement. She also raised $433,000 to Little’s $22,000 and was endorsed by most elected officials.
Gooch’s deep pockets helped win her establishment support, even though she lives just outside of the district. But Little ran a grassroots campaign that relied partly on tea party activists to canvass the district’s neighborhoods.
Now Little, who had just $2,000 in her campaign account in mid-May, finds herself as even more of an underdog against Pallone, who has over $4 million in campaign cash in a district with more than twice as many Democrats as Republicans. 
Listening to Anna Little’s positions on the Tenth Amendment, it is easy to see why she got the Tea Parties to back her.

I must admit I am a little surprised Sarah Palin has not found this Mama Grizzly yet, but hey there is still time. To learn more about Anna Little visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

Via: NJ.Com 


Janelle said...

Perhaps the people in her district found her a welcome change?

Olap Reporter said...

I'll vote for Little in the hope it is a tiny step in changing how government works. The establishment of both parties is so self-interested and undemocratic.

Unfortunately I assume she would be ignored once she is in DC, by both sides, but it's worth a try to get this message through.

I think she can win.

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