Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Copycats: Liberals to hold their own Beck-like rally on Oct 2

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.  If that is the case, Glenn Beck should be quite flattered by this news.
leaders, liberal religious leaders and the NAACP will hold a rally on the National Mall on October 2, one month before the fall midterm elections, in an attempt to show they too have political clout and momentum in response to last Saturday’s massive gathering of Tea Party types led by Fox News host Glenn Beck.

“The AFL-CIO is determined that the Tea Party and its corporate backers are not going to get the final word,” said AFL-CIO executive vice president Arlene Holt Baker. “We will expect tens of thousands of union families to come.”

Besides the NAACP, the Oct. 2 rally will be supported and organized by other labor organizations such as the SEIU and the American Federation of Teachers.[…]

And Jim Wallis, a liberal evangelical leader who is CEO of Sojourners, will lend a religious flavor to the event.

“As people of all faiths, backgrounds, beliefs, orientations and heritages, we must move this country forward beyond divisiveness and hate, to rebuild and reclaim our destiny,” Wallis said in a press release put out by the group formed to promote the rally, One Nation Working Together.
Clearly something about Beck’s rally struck a nerve on the left. Otherwise why do they feel the need to mimic the event?  The fact that this event will be organized by unions and leftist organizations rather than one man saying “please join me”, is pretty telling.  It says that there is no one person on the left with enough influence to get 300,000 people to come on their own accord.
No matter how many people show up to this copycat event, I fully expect the media to treat it like the entire world attended. I also expect the media to drone on about how much more diversity there is at the event, no matter what the ratio of black to white will be.
In the end, the left will get to “feel” good about their selves, but as far as the event switching the mood of the country towards leftist policies, nothing will change.


Janelle said...

This is a comedic opera....Tea Party, coffee party....Fox News, then all the others, Glenn Rally, union rally. My dog is bigger than your dog.........
Who wins best in show?

Gorges Smythe said...

To be a bit crude, it's turned into what ole country boys used to call a "pissin' contest" for the liberals. And you're right, in the long run, it won't change anyone's mind about anything.

Soloman said...

It's kind of like a "mine is bigger than yours" contest, except if that were really case, the libs might have a chance of winning since some of theirs have been surgically altered or implanted...

One thing I really look forward to.. the "after" pictures of The Mall. I hope some honest reporters and photographers are there to capture the truth. By now we all have seen the Obama inauguration / Restoring Honor comparisons.

Love the picture, Cliff. Copy Cat. heh.

Anonymous said...

Is it kinda like that Coffee Party where 20 people showed up and the main stream media treated it like the "new grassroot movement" thing?

Yeah, grassroot of lame.

2nd Anony

Just a conservative girl said...

Don't worry we are all over this. This is the same day as the Smart Girl Summit. We will be all fired up as Bachmann is the keynote speaker.

We are NOT going to walk through and try and distrupt them, but we will be holding our own in a different location.

Oh, and Sol - I'll be taken photos of the mall afterwards. I'll be on that like white on rice. I'll be very close by.

Chris said...

They wont count the people unless they have more then Restoring Honor. I can't wait to see what the Mall looks like after their rally. That will speak volumes of the quality of the ralliers. We will also look at the arrests and any violence that happens at the rally. It's not just about the number of people at the rallies but what kind of charature they have.

Sue said...

"ONE MAN" saying please join me????????????? Are you serious? You really should google who was behind the Beck rally and who paid for the whole thing! What a joke....

Larry Sheldon said...

I hope they pull a million. And I hope they are able to be as as peaceful as the Restoring Honor rally.

I think they will hate having to see that the idea is a good one.

And that they are second.

spc said...

I think most Americans will not identify with them- I don't think many will care- These are professional victims.

There will be a SEIU purple Barneys and many other organized groups present- not saying that the Tea Parties weren't organized, but the Tea Party is bottom-up (something the left falsely claims to be).

They can't control themselves- I imagine there will be tons of anger and in large groups it can lead to bad things. Poverty Pimps will be in full force and I'm sure many from the revolutionary side will be present as well.

Maybe they'll stage a phony counter-protest since they had absolutely no control or influence on Glenn Beck's rally so they were unable to incite an event for the cameras.......yep- I think that's it.

rosewood59 said...

This will be interesting to watch as it unfolds. My guess is that the cost of transporting all the professional union protesters, food, pay, rooms, etc. will be prohibitive. Then factor in the additonal costs for the usual bus-load gagle of professional un-employed who only want to be paid and entertained, costs increase. Let's not forget the university students, flashing boobs, grins, butts, and hate-mongering signs. Maybe they can just camp out...somewhere. Oh, the trash clean up, security, porta potties -- Well.... sigh... it all gets to be too much. My guess is that the event planners area already looking at a bust and will take their usual desperate maneuver which is to "REPACKAGE and REDUCE"!!!.

OBIT2010 said...

It looks like us conservatives really have the left backed up in a corner!They can rally all they want, but if their message lack substance it will be time wasted for them.

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