Sunday, September 26, 2010

San Francisco Chronicle refuses to endorse either Carly Fiorina or Barbara Boxer

The San Francisco Chronicle has decided not to endorse anyone for the US Senate race in California. While it certainly isn’t surprising for a left leaning paper not to endorse a Republican (even a RINO like Fiorina), it is pretty surprising that they would not endorse the Democrat either.  Even more surprising, is that the Chronicle was not the least be kind toward Boxer.  Check this out.

San Francisco Chronicle: Californians are left with a deeply unsatisfying choice for the U.S. Senate this year. The incumbent, Democrat Barbara Boxer, has failed to distinguish herself during her 18 years in office. There is no reason to believe that another six-year term would bring anything but more of the same uninspired representation. […]
Boxer, first elected in 1992, would not rate on anyone's list of most influential senators. Her most famous moments on Capitol Hill have not been ones of legislative accomplishment, but of delivering partisan shots. Although she is chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee, it is telling that leadership on the most pressing issue before it - climate change - was shifted to Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., because the bill had become so polarized under her wing.

For some Californians, Boxer's reliably liberal voting record may be reason enough to give her another six years in office. But we believe Californians deserve more than a usually correct vote on issues they care about. They deserve a senator who is accessible, effective and willing and able to reach across party lines to achieve progress on the great issues of our times. Boxer falls short on those counts.
Boxer's campaign, playing to resentment over Fiorina's wealth, is not only an example of the personalized pettiness that has infected too much of modern politics, it is also a clear sign of desperation.
Ouch! That read like it was written by the Fiorina camp and not the San Francisco Chronicle.  Least you think the Chronicle is all of a sudden coming to their senses, think again. Read this utter nonsense.
[…]The challenger, Republican Carly Fiorina, has campaigned with a vigor and directness that suggests she could be effective in Washington - but for an agenda that would undermine this nation's need to move forward on addressing serious issues such as climate change, health care and immigration.
Um, the nation has spent the last two years with dry heaves over the lefts’ position on these issues. It is the main reason why Democrats are getting kicked to the curb in November.  Why then would the Chronicle think Fiorina should champion those position the same way Boxer did?  Wake up Chronicle, America doesn’t like left’s ideas on climate change (sham science), health care (socialism deluxe) or immigration (amnesty for all).

It will be interesting to see where the other California papers place their endorsements.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I don't think any paper of note no matter their leanings should ever and I mean EVER endorse anyone period.

This is not in my usual form but I give high praise to this paper, in this instance for actually doing the proper thing; report and let the readers decide.

Gorges Smythe said...

I don't read papers much anymore. Even the small town papers like the one where I live are owned by conglomerates that just use them for liberal democrat mouthpieces.

Lisa said...

This is telling. Obviously the Chronicle is very left-leaning. I am going to share this on my blog. Voters need to know.

Anonymous said...

Fiorina a RINO?

I'm sad to see that this blog's author is reading from the talking points of the Boxer campaign.

Fiorina proudly opposes increases in taxes, an expansion of federal regulatory authority, and favors extending the Bush tax cuts.

Fiorina proudly supports a robust national defense, strong engagement with Iran, and a forceful presence in the Pacific to counterbalance the growing threat of Chinese Naval expansion.

Fiorina is Pro-Life, opposing abortion and embryonic stem-cell research.

Fiorina is Pro-2nd Amendment, with a husband who has a conceal-and-carry permit.

Fiorina supports the Arizona immigration proposals and has said she will work to impose harsh penalties on sanctuary cities like S.F. and L.A.

How does this make her a RINO? Are you kidding me?

Do your research, man.

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