Thursday, September 2, 2010

Video: The first Hillary 2012 Ad

CNN: The commercial was paid for by a Chicago dentist named William DeJean.

When asked why he put the ad up, DeJean told CNN Thursday that "I'm a dentist and I don't think this country is headed in the right direction."

Regarding Clinton, DeJean says "I think she is the most qualified."
DeJean adds that he thinks people are having buyer's remorse about President Barack Obama and says the current administration is ruining the Democratic Party. He says he spent $5,000 to create the commercial and tells CNN that besides New Orleans, the ad will run in Washington, New York and Los Angeles, and possible Houston. DeJean says he chose to first run the ad in New Orleans because he's a native of the city and because the city's in the news due to the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

"I didn't expect to see any ads about 2012 before the midterms in 2010, although this will likely not be a big TV buy, Mr. DeJean clearly is motivated to see change," says Evan Tracey, Campaign Media Analysis Group and CNN's consultant on political TV ad spending.

According to data from CMAG, DeJean paid to run ads supporting Clinton during the 2008 presidential campaign. Clinton, senator from New York at the time, battled then Sen. Obama of Illinois in a marathon and historic Democratic primary season, nearly becoming the woman to win a major party presidential nomination, before ending her bid and endorsing Obama in June 2008. [MORE]
I think this is just the first of many more to come.  If the Democrats receive the full beat down they so richly deserve in November, I expect full war between Democrats to break out shortly after.  As the blame game gets into full swing, expect the “we should have gone with Hillary” meme to get louder and louder.

While some on the left may feel a Hillary 2012 campaign would save the party, they should think again.  Think back to the 2008 debates, how many times was it noted that there were no difference between Obama and Hillary on the issues.  Any Republican can use that to make the point that the only difference between Hillary and Obama is packaging. Either way, you still get the same lousy liberal policies!

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Marian said...

Wow, sooner than I thought it would happen.
No matter what you think of Hillary Clinton, though, you have to deal with the reality that one person will not change the whole corrupt machine. She comes with a party. The whole democrat party needs to reclaim the party from leftists before anyone should consider voting the reins into their hands once again.

babyboomer59 said...

What you would get with Hillary is the same old fail policy as Obama. Look at how they are stressing out the Az Gov. with that non-sense of the UN. Vote all the Democrats Out. They are all the same. Nov will be D-day for the Dem's.

Janelle said...

Clinton burnout.......too much Bill and Hil, not to mention the 'Goracle' and all his hot air/chakra.

Anonymous said...

Hillary will just be like Obama, but much more effective at passing socialist laws because she had some great practice the first time around.

Did his hubby returned the money they got from the Chinese Communist in the 90s? Or it was good old-fashion spreading the wealth around?

2nd Anony

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see it. Nothing could be more fun than watching Hillary and Obama rip the guts out of the Democrat party fighting each other. If Hillary wins, the black vote stays home in droves in the general, and if Obama carries the day, the female and "moderate"(no such thing) Dems will be doing their hair that day. Easy win for Palin in 2012

The Conservative Lady said...

Hillary is Obama in a pants suit.

Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

It's amazing that people think that someone who adheres to a particular political ideology will save the country or make it better. It takes someone with vision, and the freedom to pass PRAGMATIC (not ideological) legislation without the criticism of the self-righteous to aim this country in the right direction. Policy should be about what the voters/people NEED, not what someone believes!

Bz said...

Sure hope all is well with you.

Lucas said...

Ohhhh, it is on!!

commoncents said...

GREAT POST!! Thanks for putting it up!!!

Common Cents

Unknown said...

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The Government Teacher said...

Saw this one coming. Her and Bill have been setting this up for a while and they are no strangers to under handed politics. Can only be good for the party in the long run. Nice blog, good information.

Alessandro Machi said...

Sigh, more Clinton Derangement Syndrome comments above.

The differences between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are PROFOUND. If you remember, Bill Clinton agreed to lower the government's yearly operating budget deficit until it became a surplus in year five.

Barack Obama has basically done the complete opposite of this.

Why all the hate and all the ignorance towards the Clintons?

Hot Sam said...

Hillary Clinton wasn't even most-qualified to be the First Lady of Bill Clinton.

Ego Clinton, Dead at Age 60

Are you experienced enough to be president?

Bz said...

Me again...
One of my triedNtrue readers once told me that ?? 80% of Bloggers burn out after the 1st year (haven't checked the stats). I can see it though, especially if one is going 90 to nothing (I'm still going after 2 yrs- but not nearly as frequently as in the beginning).
Just am writing to say... I'll be around to hear you even if it's intermittent. You have a way of colleting/posting the top of the iceberg and adding your take. I like that.
Well, take it easy and I hope you find a middle ground if it's burnout your feeling.

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