Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harry Reid’s lame attempt to pass The Dream Act and repeal DADT

Yesterday, Harry Reid’s silly political theater fell flat on the Senate floor. Reid had attempted to piggy back a small piece of amnesty called The Dream Act and the repeal of Don’t, Ask Don’t Tell on a defense authorization bill.  The bill was defeated 56-43.

Politico has a story up today saying how both illegal immigration supporters and gay rights activists are now unhappy with how Reid handled the two issues.  Some are accusing Reid of bringing up the two issues to help with is floundering reelection campaign in Nevada.

To me, it looks like Reid is playing with yesterday’s playbook.  The ploy of amending important and necessary legislation with partisan issues is an old one used by both the right and the left.  However, after the way ObamaCare was handled, the public now sees these old ploys as more dirty backroom dealing.  In the end, I don’t think Reid will get the desired effect he wanted (getting Republicans to vote against defense spending and then using that to bash them as not supporting the troops). I think he did more to zap the enthusiasm from his own base as both The Dream Act and DADT may have to wait for the next congress.


Just Me said...

Why can't they just vote for bills without throwing all kinds of other crap into them? One page per bill; that should be the rule.

Just a conservative girl said...

I don't get the DADT, the have Snowe on board. Which means unless a dem is going to vote against it, it would pass with an up or down vote.

It is very curious to me that this is how they chose to handle it.

I can understand the amensty, that is a political hot potato. That wouldn't be smart to do just before an election.

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