Monday, September 27, 2010

Rahm Emanuel likely resign White House Chief of Staff position by Friday

ABC News: Although no final decision has been made because of family considerations, ABC News has learned that White House officials are preparing for Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to announce on Friday -- as Congress adjourns for recess -- that he is leaving his post to explore a run for mayor of Chicago.
White House officials expect that President Obama will also name an interim chief of staff, perhaps senior adviser Pete Rouse, at the announcement.
Sources close to Emanuel cautioned that he has yet to pull that last trigger on the decision.
Emanuel's likely departure is not a surprise; his mayoral aspirations are well known.
Longtime Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley's announcement earlier this month that he would not seek reelection created the opportunity that Emanuel has long been seeking.
This is a little surprising that Rahm is going to leave before midterm elections, so much for loyalty to the president.  Rahm is clearly going for his dream, Obama be damn.  Perhaps this is why so many in the base are not too fond of Rahm.
That brings me to the next thought, so many people on the left blame Rahm Emanuel for Obama’s failure; will these lefty then come out and support Rahm for Chicago mayor?  Something tells me that Rahm is going to have one heck of a primary fight on his hands.  Maybe that is why he needs to leave early.


trinity said...

Good riddance, I say.

Janelle said...

Now that image is precisely why you don't want Rahm representing you. Chicago, you are a fine city.........get rid of the vermin.

reg said...


Brenda in Illinois said...

This is so very interesting that he is leaving before midterms.

As a Chicagoan, trust me when I say that he will never get elected here. Everyone hates this man. He has no friends, even his "supporters" are scared of him and don't like him. Will Never Happen.

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