Friday, September 24, 2010

Attack of the Sore Losers, Part 3: Mike Castle testing the waters for write-in vote

Man, some people simply cannot take “NO” for an answer. Where was this attitude when it came time to vote against Cap and Trade?
Politico: Rep. Mike Castle is planning on polling a potential three-way Senate race to test his chances as a write-in candidate, a Delaware Republican tells POLITICO…
The GOP source did not have specifics on when Castle’s team would conduct the poll, but viewed it as a practical step even if the nine-term congressman was unlikely to re-enter the race…
Delaware GOP National Committeewoman Priscilla Rakestraw said she has fielded dozens of calls over the last 48 hours, mostly from Democrats, about a potential Castle write-in campaign.
“They want to organize a write-in campaign. I’m stunned. Obviously, they don’t like their option of voting for Chris Coons. I pass them along to Mike Castle’s organization. I think they are waiting for a nod from Castle,” Rakestraw said. 
Um, methinks those Democrats are more interested in splitting the Republican vote than they are about voting for Castle over Coons.  Allahpundit at Hot Air, sees three possibilities from a Castle write-in bid.
[...]Here’s the irony: If you think O’Donnell’s numbers against Coons are already so grim that she stands no real chance of winning — and most O’D supporters do not think that — then it’s a no-brainer that you should want Castle in the race. Worst-case scenario is that he and O’Donnell split Republicans and Coons manages to hold onto enough Democrats to squeak to victory, but then a Coons victory is how things look at the moment anyway. Bad-case scenario is that Castle manages to pull enough Dems from Coons and Republicans from O’Donnell to win the seat himself, in which case the GOP is a step closer to a Senate majority. Best-case scenario, obviously, is that Castle and Coons split the Dems and O’Donnell squeaks through on the strength of conservative supporter.[...]
No matter how you look at the potential outcome, Castle, like Crist and Murkowski, are far more interested in keeping their jobs, than serving the people or supporting their party.  These three would run as stone cold socialists if it guaranteed them one more term.  Hopefully, Delaware conservatives will stick with O’Donnell and tell the self serving Castle to keep on walking.

Via: Hot Air 

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Janelle said...

Just thinking that changing gears doesn't particularly work out well for most.........Take Charlie Crist in Fl. As a matter of fact, will some other state please take him?
I know, old Henny Youngman joke, but it sure fits.

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