Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Video: Sarah Palin’s Iowa speech

Sarah Palin’s keynote speech at the Reagan Dinner in Iowa has set off a new round of speculation of whether or not Sarah Palin will run in 2012.  Good grief, is it not terribly obvious by now that Sarah Palin will run in 2012?  Just look at this new Sarah PAC ad.

From its well polish presentation to its overt attempt to connect to the Tea Party movement, the ad reeks of a presidential run.  The real question the pundits should be asking now is not whether Sarah will run, but why is she going to run.

To me I see two possibilities. Palin will either run to outright win the White House or she will run to shape the 2012 elections. Right now, Palin is most capable of the latter.

Think about this, if Palin runs for the GOP nomination, what Republican running to the left of her would stand a snow ball chance in hell of getting the nomination? Palin, for whatever faults you may think of, adheres to one of the purest brands of conservatism the nation has seen since Reagan. Any GOP candidate seeking the nomination is going to have to match or exceed Palin’s conservatism in order to win the nomination in 2012. So win or not, Palin will force a more conservative GOP candidate to emerge (I can already see Mitt Romney twisting himself into a pretzel trying to out-Palin Palin).

Palin running in 2012 will also affect the general election. Palin’s commonsense conservatism will force conservative issues onto the national stage.  Unlike 2008 where the Democrats drove the issues, the right will be driving the issues of 2012.  Palin’s presidential run will no doubt create huge buzz and thus shape those issues.  Even Obama will have to address them.

I am keeping my eye on the political landscape.  By next year, we will have a better idea of whether Palin is going all the way or if she will just act as a gravitational force to shift the 2012 narrative towards conservative ideals.

Video h/t to The Right Scoop


Just a conservative girl said...

Well, if I have my way, Mike Pence will throw his hat into the ring. He is a true conservative who will not comprise his principles, but will still work to get things done. His record shows that to be the way he has worked so far. He is folksy so the middle won't be fearful of his conservatism. Love him!!

As I think you know, I am not that keen on Palin getting the nomination, I think she is far more effective doing what she is doing now. Of course I will support her if she gets the nomination, but I do think we have an interesting group of people to choose from this cycle; unlike in 08.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Interesting analysis. It certainly does look like she plans to run, and I hope you're right that it's not to win. The only guy who's on my radar in a serious way is your guy; sure, he's not been governor long, but Christie already has far more experience than BO had and is already far more admirable in every possible way than BO is or is capable of being. And he's conservative. And smart. And the man has a backbone *and* is a patriot. I expect to see him run one day, so why not in 2012 when we need someone just like him to undo the damage that BO has done and to shake up the scumbags in DC. Sure, he's a little rough around the edges, but you know what? after BO's "polish" (read: sneering condescension and dripping scorn sprinkled with daily insults to our intelligence, "lives affected"? Really? hmph!), I think we're all ready for some of Christie's straight talk, common sense, and down-to-earth good old-fashioned American work ethic.

Anonymous said...

I think she has known she is going to run from the get go and that makes me leery of her. All this game playing takes away from issues at hand and looks like business as usual. You running or your not. Make up your stinkin' mind already. I'm losing confidence in her with all the guessing game playing.

Playing games while making money hand over fist is not what I want in a true patriot.

John B. Hefmier said...

Anonymous @ 10:08,
Sarah has stated more than once that at this time she is far more focused on the mid-term elections, than she is on 2012. That is not a weakness in her. Quite the contrary. She is trying to build a base in the Republican Party, in case she chooses to run (and she has thrown plenty of hints of which direction she is heading). I would go as far as to state that many of the Republican hopefuls for 2012 have acted pre-maturely in spending their time in Iowa, trying to schmooze to the constituents there. Sarah went to the Reagan Dinner, in Des Moines, last week, mostly because she was invited by the Iowa GOP to attend and speak. She did not make her way uninvited and unannounced like the others, and my understanding is that Iowans tend to get leary of people who are catagorized by the latter.

John B. Hefmier said...

Anon. at 10:08 wrote:
"Playing games while making money hand over fist is not what I want in a true patriot."

I cannot relate to this comment at all. Like I stated in my previous comment, Sarah is, at this moment, more focused in getting Conservative Republicans elected into Congress in the mid-terms than she is running for President. I do not know if Reagan did such a thing, in 1978. If he did not, then Sarah got him beat here. If she plans on running for President in 2012, then this is a brilliant strategy on her part, as she is building up a potential base for then. I do not see other potential candidates concentrating much of their time doing this. In regards to "making money hand over fist": she earned that money!!! This is especially true, after all of the bullcrap she had to deal with, during and shortly after the 08' elections. If she was not "making money hand over fist" and still in the Governorship in Alaska, then she and her family would be financially bankrupt by now from all of the crappy, frivilous lawsuits that the Ultra-Liberal and Murkowski Republican constituents, in her home state, filed when she returned to her job. So Sarah, make money and lots of it. It will help with her potential campaign, and make her enemies in Alaska look stupid, especially since their lawsuits have been deemed rediculous by the personnel board dealing with the lawsuits.

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